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 Sio2 ceramic coating

MgO, Al2O3. Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray Coating. , can be produced using this process. What is a ceramic coating? Ceramic coatings are extremely durable vehicle protection systems. HydroCharge is the easy-to-use SiO2 ceramic spray coating that delivers a brilliant high-gloss candy shine, extreme hydrophobic properties, and the durable protection of a ceramic coating with the ease of use and speed application of a spray. , Every cleaning restores strength, gloss, and water beading and sheeting effects to the Ceramic vehicle coating. 9% purity. Lucid No. It is widely believed that polishing is the most trusted way to remove a ceramic coating from the surface. For a super hydrophobic ultra-high gloss finish, GYEON quartz PURE, MOHS, Syncro or Nanolex SI3D Ceramic Paint Protection Kits offer a range suitable for enthusiasts, advanced or professional detailers in Australia to apply in their own garage with professional long LATEST IN GEL SUSPENSION TECHNOLOGY: Hydro Slick uses the latest in SiO2 gel suspension technology to totally re-engineer the makeup of a ceramic coating and reinvent it as an extremely user-friendly and durable coating that anyone can apply. By using Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating, you can protect your investment in your expensive sedan, luxury SUV, or other type of vehicle for up to 5 years! Our products are made in Japan, and the 100% glass while other low cost coatings have very low sio2 (10%)content can damage paintwork and wont last long nano ceramic protect coating contains 70% sio2 and 15%tio2 ( titanium dioxide for extra hardness) only coating with tio2 any more than this will be harder to apply to make sure you get it right in first time make a wiser choice In short? The paint will not dull or oxidize, surfaces stay cleaner and glossier, and clean up easier! Water spots can be a challenge for other products In the ceramic coating industry, but no durable ceramic coating is able to resist natural water stains better than C. Pro is a semi-permanent 9H self cleaning ceramic coating with high gloss. GT Quartz™ uses nano silicate SiO2 cross linking adhesion technology to shield the surface from UV and harmful pollutants while providing extreme depth of gloss. Ethos Ceramic Wax bridges the gap between ceramic coatings and hand applied waxes or sealants. Arka. Let’s start with the very basics about what exactly ceramic coating is. To ensure a good position on the professional detailing market, we introduced our first Ceramic coating on SiO2 base: Kenolon Ceramic Shield. com offers 3,870 sio2 car coating products. The basic chemical composition of a ceramic coating is Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). SiO2 and TiO2 based resins will hydrolyse and diminish over time. The best car ceramic coating are- Color N Drive Car Ceramic Coating Kit CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant Custom Coat BLACK 4 Liter U-Pol Raptor 0820V Truck Bed Liner kit Aero Cosmetics Wet or Waterless Car Wash Kit 144 ounces. com Opti-Coat is more than 100 times thicker than the typical wax coating. CANDYCOAT ENHANCER is a Si02 Ceramic-Based liquid spray coating that can be used on top of our CandyCoat Ceramic Nano Coatings to extend the life of the coating and to enhance its hydrophobic and anti-static properties. Ceramic paint coatings for cars are helping vehicles maintain their showroom shine! As one of the best ceramic coating installers in the industry, Details Matter offers two types of coating services with distinct advantages, namely Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat Pro+. Ceramic coating materials material has two main components of silicon dioxide: One is silica sol which is pure SiO2, another is an organoalkoxysilane which is an organic-inorganic Opti-Coat Pro/Pro+, the World’s most advanced ceramic coating powered SIC technology. Facts about Liquid Glass Coatings . Description SGCB S1 Ceramic Coating Kit – 85% SIO2 – Dual Layer . The McKee's 37 Paint, Wheel & Glass Coating Complete Kit includes: McKee's 37 Coating Prep Polish McKee's 37 Coating Prep Polish is a non-abrasive chemical polish that deep cleans automotive paint, ridding it of below-surface contaminants that will prevent a coating, paint sealant or wax from properly bonding. The ceramic molecules are so small, they even fill pores in the paint. Opti-Coat – Experience the best ceramic coating for cars Opti-Coat Pro+ delivers more gloss and greater protection!. The High hydrophobic effects prevent water, dirt or grime to stick and keep the coated surface clean for a longer period of time. S. Introducing Mothers CMX™ Ceramic Spray Coating, an affordable, user-friendly, professional grade, ultra-durable, super-hydrophobic protection formula. CERAMIC PRO and its manufacturer Nanoshine Ltd are changing the dynamics of the coating industry. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Best Ceramic Coating for Cars (Top 12 Picks) Ceramic coating’s usefulness has seen its use grow significantly fast over the last decade. Are you looking for the longest lasting protection money can buy? Look no further than a ceramic coating, like our Paint, Wheel, or Glass Coating. Nano Ceramic and Glass coating technology is 1000% tougher than traditional waxes. A ceramic coating is not a polish or a wax! A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer consisting of SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide or Quartz crystals) which is applied by hand to the exterior of your car. In many parts of the world, silica is the major constituent of sand. This is the perfect blend of surfactants and SiO2 ceramic coating science. Compared with the Al 2O3-SiO2 ceramic coating without additive (AS), ASMA showed a remarkably better anti-oxidation performance, especially during the temperature-rise period. Why SiO2? SiO2 is one of the hardest material in the world. Depending on the coating used they are suitable for use on paintwork, wheels, glass and plastic trim. Toggle navigation. They’re hand applied and once cured they transform their self on the surface to a semi-permanent glass shield. My detailer is advising me to go with Ceramic Pro. The ProBody attributes high gloss and hydrophobicity to any surface for up to 10 to 12 months!! CGA has been developed through extensive testing and research to become the leader in liquid glass coating longevity. This is why Ceramic Coating is such an extremely long lasting and durable protection process. Applying a traditional ceramic coating takes hours of careful application (sometimes by a professional). Ceramic Pro Coating by Nanoshine Ltd. 9 and Pro Series are clear, liquid SiO2 based nano-ceramic protective coatings. Introducing Mothers CMX? Ceramic Spray Coating, an affordable, user-friendly, professional grade, ultra-durable, super-hydrophobic protection formula. All formulas include SiO2. If you are willing to spend more and are willing to wait a bit longer for the coating process than a glass coating is for you. Modesta Ceramic Coating is a SIO2 (Silica) based system that acts as a strong protective membrane over your paint and clear bra protective surfaces. The Gloss Shop Ceramic Coating is a multi surface coating which saves you money. Meguiar's G190526 Advanced Sio2 Tech Hybrid Ceramic Wax 26 oz. CandyCoat is a semi-permanent silicon dioxide (SIO2) based ceramic nano coating that provides YEARS of paint protection because it chemically bonds to your vehicle’s clear coat and does not wash off like a wax or sealant. com offers 1962 sio2 ceramic coating products. What is Nano Ceramic Coating? Nano ceramic car coatings can provide high performance hard oxide layers on your car paint to protect it from corrosion, scratches, sun damage and minor scratches. Source from ELEMENT 119 LLC on Alibaba. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PRODUCT IS GENUINE CERAMIC COATING, NOT 5% SIO2 CONCENTRATION CHEAP MAINTENANCE SPRAY; LONG LASTING RESULTS: The car ceramic coating uses 9H nano technology that will provide you with unique durability. Buy Ceramic Crystal Coating Wax, SiO2 Based Nano Ceramic Wax for Car Body online on Amazon. Polishing. Ceramic PRO series MSDS Number: Ceramic PRO 9812 Revision Date: 06/18/2011 3 stop the loss of volatile material to the atmosphere. A chemical explanation summary: The coating has a SiO2 ceramic matrix that includes the condensation product of hydrolyzed alkoxysilane and a colloidal silica sol. Hoe? Nou zo. SIO2 Primer leaves a smooth and slick surface, ready to coat. Never Wax Your Car Again! Drive Nano Ceramic Gloss Coat silica (SiO2) ingredients forms a permane $119. superhydrophobic spray nano coating to protect auto windshield glass, ceramic porcelain sink from scratch, stain. Benefits of a 9H Ceramic Coating. REPEL NINJA SIO2 HYDROPHOBIC COATINGS. Quartz Professional will keep your car glossier, cleaner and easier to wash/dry for years…. Cost-effective ceramic spray coatings. The Truth About Automotive Ceramic Coating: Thanks for taking the time to read my 3rd blog entry, this one is a long one! So for those with little time, skip to the bottom for the tl;dr (Too Long, Didnt Read). While buying the new car, we are very clear about the color to purchase. Mario Aparicio. • Coating Booster – Do you already have a paint coating on your car? The Pinnacle Black Label SiO2 Detail Spray will boost your existing coating’s finish, increasing hydrophobicity and extending the life! For a quick layer of protection and extreme shine, you need Pinnacle Black Label SiO2 Detail Spray. SiO2 technology, Silicone Oxide coating, or more widely known as ceramic coating, is a polymeric structure with highly hydrophobic properties. Read below: These coatings are special products that offer extreme durability and protection, but with a cost; much less easy to apply. The 1. As such, many companies are producing this gold paint for ceramics, giving consumers a wide variety of products to choose from. In conventional coating products, the quality of SiO2, quartz or silica-based Due to the advanced Nano-ceramic technology, AUTOTRIZ 3D Matrix Coating has  The Opti-Coat Pro Plus Ceramic Paint Protection package now delivers even more gloss and slickness than ever before, while still maintaining the same  We've all been there - seeing the swirls on our car body and hoping for a better future. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed. and Japan. 0 (5 votes) Store:  It contains high concentration of SiO2 with filling properties that protect & enhance the appearance of your prized possessions. If you haven’t read our Part 1, Click Here In this edition we break down Warranties on ceramic car coating, Pro Vs Non Pro coatings, and how to select the right product and installer. SiO2, sealant, ceramic coating, etc will not protect your car from rock chips. com. Clutch does contain SiO2 and it reintroduces a layer of silicone dioxide to the coated surface which boosts the existing layer of ceramic coating, reviving it to it's premium condition. Innovative, Safe and Efficient SiO2 Ultra Thin High-Performance and Industrial Coatings. China 9h Nano Car/Ceramic Sio2 Coating, Find details about China Coating, Nano Ceramic Coating from 9h Nano Car/Ceramic Sio2 Coating - Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co. Spray on, rinse off and dry. This ceramic spray coating is perfect and safe for all solid surfaces. You want the best protection for your car possible – an automotive Glass or Ceramic Coating that will last years, not weeks. Coating Materials News 2000 to 2010; Silicon Dioxide SiO2 for Optical Coating; Silicon Dioxide, SiO2, Applications. While a traditional car wax can last approximately 3 months (applied 4x per year for 1 year of full protection), ceramic coatings can last several years creating cost savings and making it much easier to clean and maintain a vehicle. This Ceramic coating for cars when fully cured and crystallized in 48 hours or less will become scratch resistance of up to 9H thickness. Of course, you will want to find the best ceramic coating for cars for ultimate protection. 0 by CarPro. In coating systems it is a unique system for all surfaces…for your vehicle, boat or any surface you want to protect whether it be in your house or place of business. Here, comes the ceramic coating. 20ml SIO5 H9+ Ceramic Coating (Type number SIO50015) Suitable for paint, polyester and aluminium. Ceramic coatings may also be referred to as quartz or glass coatings. It has a new content formula, which is upgraded to 80% pure SiO2 content. Just spray on and wipe off, with this game-changing SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) and TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) blend. This blend has a unique formulation of gloss agents and SIO2 concentration to allow for effective bonding and easy removal, ideal for topping your current coating, or as a standalone product. Designed specifically to withstand extreme conditions this permanent protective coating has advanced heat resistance and super chemical resistance to protect your wheels and brake calipers from damage, dust and fallout. Coat and boost with this Uber kit! Wolfgang Uber Ceramic & SiO2 Coating Kit combines the coating power of the Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating with the  Advanced silica protection• Boosts hydrophobic properties of ceramic coating• Or can be a stand alone sealant• Use on paint, glass, chrome and trim  Opti-Coat range of Permanent Ceramic Coating for cars and Paint Protection Film unlike other SiO2 coatings in the world, this reacts to the factory clear coat to  Glass coatings consist of particles of silicon dioxide (SiO2) that work to repel names including liquid glass, nano-glass, ceramic glass, and quartz coating. The aerosol application of SiO2 Rim allows you to easily coat your wheels just as the professionals would do, hitting all the tough to reach spaces which would normally require airbrushed application. Our DIY ceramic coating contains a SiO2 percentage of slightly more than 80%. 23 Apr 2009 The SiO2 and SiO2-TiO2 intermediate coatings were applied on the substrate materials by the sol-gel dipping technique. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2004. The Shine Armor uses a chemical blend to accomplish the work of cleaning your car without added water. barrier coating thickness to +/- 5 nanometers. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. Q² Mohs+ is a unique 2-stage coating system that provides both extreme scratch resistance and self-cleaning properties. These characteristics of the ceramic car coating protect against ultra-violet rays from the sun, dirt, brake dust, iron contaminates, airbone contamination, bird droppings, bugs, tar, sap and can help reduce the risk of wash induced swirls and light scratches. Application of the ZR53 is a natural process and requires no extra kill of knowledge. Aquaboost was created to maintain and boost the Waxedshine ceramic coatings, refreshing the hydrophobic properties. By using Pika Pika Rain glass coating [ ceramic coating ], you can protect your investment in your expensive sedan, luxury SUV, or other type of vehicle for up to 3 years! Our products are made in Japan, and the 100% glass coating [ ceramic coating ] (SiO2) technology has been patented in both the U. Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash is also an excellent choice for maintaining your current sealant or coating. The optimum temperature for sintering the glass powder was determined. The upgraded pure silazane base coat is the hardest automotive coating ever developed. Based on SiO2 technology, the complex nano particle structure offers exceptional bonding of the coating to the surface providing long term protection to every surface of your vehicle. Do not apply water to the spill. Well, the ceramic coating is a necessity for cars that are frequently used. C. The spray is made with high-end SiO2 ceramic coating which creates a strong water-sheeting barrier and also acts as a booster for any 9H coating. Likewise, the ceramic automotive paint protection coating is made up of SiO2 or Silica Dioxide. 8 based on 37 Reviews "As the owner and operator of Autoworx Custom Detailing out of Freedom Ceramic Pro is the future. While normal wash soaps clean away dirt and debris, they do not strengthen or revitalize advanced vehicle coatings like Sio2 Ceramic Wash. Liquid Crystal Armour is the finest RV & motor home grade SiO2 ceramic nano coating on the market today. Soaps & Car Wash Products CQuartz Lite can be applied as a stand-alone ceramic coating lasting more than 6 months or it can be used as a topcoat for existing CQuartz coatings! CarPro CQuartz Lite Ceramic Coating Top Coat was designed for those that are not ready to make the plunge into the industry-leading strength of our professional-grade coatings but wish to enjoy Gyeon manufactures a number of Si02 (Silicon Dioxide) Ceramic Coatings. 20ml SIO2 H2 Safety Vision (Type number SIO20020) Suitable for glass This blend has a unique formulation of gloss agents and SIO2 concentration to allow for effective bonding and easy removal, ideal for topping your current coating, or as a standalone product. Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coatings offer innovative real protection for your car, far advanced from regular waxes or sealants. However, despite the claims of some manufacturers and detailers, a Ceramic Coating is not a miracle, super-cure product that will solve any and every problem for your car. This SiO2 Infused Paste is the longest lasting protection that can be hand applied like similar carnauba waxes. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Chemical Guys HYDROCHARGE Ceramic Spray Sio2 Coating 16oz at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! It will also leave a stunning shiny gloss finish for impressive results. Many of us from professional installers, hobbyists and general consumers get  Nano Ceramic Quartz Coating – long lasting paint protection – EVO PRO 10h ceramic quartz coating is the highest solid by volume and hardest sio2 ceramic  WashNinja #Lexus #GSF #WaterlessWash, #CeramicWax, Vinyl Wrap #SiO2 Coating, Carbon Fiber #NanoCoating, Ceramic Silica Window Coating,  Superior SiO2 hydrophobic water repellency coatings, dirt repellency, gloss & UV protection. Once the liquid meets the open air it cures and forms a ceramic quartz hard coating on the surface with extreme hydrophobicity. The Magic in these coatings is the SiO2. 000000001, a billionth), creating a super durable coating with protection that will last for years against UV, Dust, Acid Rain, minor scratch’s, Salt. Depending on the product, the ceramic coating can create a semi-permanent or permanent bond with the paint. I am finally treating my P85D to a ceramic coating. 99  This is a ceramic/ silica/ SiO2 Waterless Car Wash, Paint Sealant, Clay Bar Professional Ceramic Coating Installers tell us that they love the “easy on, easy off”  Essence PLUS is a unique SiO2 nano coating made from a distinct blend of ceramic coat repair agents, high gloss quartz resins, and hydrophobic nanoparticles! CoaterPRO 9H PRO+ Professional Nano Coating liquid car paint protective liquid glass quartz Sio2 Ceramic coat from Japan factory. Nano SiO2/Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles (SiO2,15nm) SiO2 Nanoparticles Features: Nano SiO2 has the features of small particle size, narrow particle size distribution, porous, large surface area and owns a large number of hydroxyl groups and unsaturated residual bonds on its surface and shows high reflectivity to Ceramic protection Properties of the NP® coating for ceramic surfaces. I have a 2019 Black crystal metallic Longhorn 4x4 and it had so many swirls in the clear it was pathetic. The SiO2 infused in Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash will boost your current protection by adding additional coverage from UV damage and surface contamination. Using state of the art SiO2 components, we have formulated  2 Okt 2019 "Senyawa yang dipakai adalah SiO2, juga digunakan di ceramic coating tetapi ini adalah versi hybrid-nya," ungkap Deni Yohanes, Product  The primary function of a ceramic coating is to protect the surface it is applied to. SIO2 ceramic primer perfects the finish before coating with Tru-Coat+ Ceramic Coating. Throttle does NOT contain SiO2 and will not "build up" the ceramic coating layer. About 46% of these are car paint, 35% are boat paint, and 32% are appliance paint. Not suitable for rubber or glass. From us you can easily purchase Nano Coating Ceramic at great price. To our knowledge, no reports have been published on the LAS glass–ceramic coating on a porous silica substrate. In fact, according to many consumers and professional detailers, Armor Shield IX is one of the strongest ceramic coatings available on the market today – even compared with some pro-grade products. Ceramics, also known as a quartz coating and glass coating, are a suspension of Silicon Oxide (SiO) in a proprietary resin that cures and oxidizes as Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). The formula is patented worldwide and it has taken ten years of research and testing to bring the product to where it is today. The company has for years worked on industrial multifunctional protective coatings for all surfaces and strives to continuously improve their products. What makes System X Ceramic Coating different is the cutting edge technology based on ceramic molecular compounds (nanoceramics). Our wash does just that wash only. 20ml SIBC H9+++ Basecoat Gorilla (Type number SIBC0020) Suitable for paint, polyester and aluminium. Victory Nano Ceramic Gloss Coating. The highly-reflective gloss agents form an ultra-thin protective ceramic coat that bonds to the surfaces leaving the surfaces slick, silky and scratch resistant. The technology behind these products is also very different to sealants or wax. The optical properties of the reported coating were engineered by sculpting its composition and morphology using OAD, and the coating was designed to work with high-index, YAG:Ce ceramic phosphor The other coating system is Silicon Carbide (SiC) Opti-Coat Pro is the only coating available that harnesses the strengths of Silicon Carbide (sometimes referred to as ceramic, industrial diamonds and carborundum. Cost effective alternative to full 9H ceramic coatings. Featuring a blend of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) and Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), this easy to use ceramic coating will give you up to 2 years durability with proper maintenance. It does depend on the coating itself as for how long it'll last; for example, Optimum Gloss Coat is 1-2 years, CQuartz UK 3. Best Ceramic Coating for Cars 2019- Here are car ceramic coating review. A highly advanced professional ceramic coating set; Q² Mohs+ is not only a fantastic paint coating. Total Vehicle Protection Sio2 Ceramic Wash is safe for any vehicle coating technology, including synthetic coatings, wax, glaze, and sealant. The product is easy to use with a do-it-yourself application, all you have to do is spray on and wipe off. The new cars have their factory paint which we decide to protect. The topcoat prevents watermarks and stains and prolongs the total durability of the new Q² Base coating. Ceramic Pro product range includes both water based and solvent based products with a 30% – 70% Silica (SIO2) content. What our coating product series carried here? Both the ceramic and SIO2. SIO2 Ceramic Primer Polish incorporates the durability and hardness of glass in an easy to use premium fine polish. Tint World ® Nano Ceramic Coating dirt-repelling capabilities require less maintenance. You may see ads on FB or other forms of media saying you just spray it on and wipe it off. System X Pro is a super slick super hydrophobic ceramic coating for automotive paint. What does that mean in terms of protecting your car? Let’s get into deeper detail of what ceramic coating does and DOES NOT. Using state of the art SiO2 components, we have formulated a liquid wax which can be applied easily and efficiently on any painted surface. The Q² Phobic top coat, being a quartz coating, is an additional layer on top of the Q² Base. The Truth About Ceramic Coatings: Part 2. CandyCoat Products. 6. Ceramic Coating. Why CERAMIC SHINE ™ Beats Other Surface Sealants: Doesn't Wash Away: Ceramic-based Sio2 Creates a Glass-Like Layer Over Your Car's Surface Check out the latest updated McKee's 37 SiO2 Enhanced Paint Coating for August 2017. Thus, it is important for you to know what a Ceramic Coating does not do. Heavy Duty SiO2 Ceramic Coating With More Than 75% Solids. Multifaceted nanotechnology solution that is super hydrophobic in a ceramic molecular compound. Spills should be reported, if required, to the appropriate local, state, or federal agencies. Pearl Nano Pro is our best Non-Solvent, SiO2, “Top Coat” Auto Body Coating on the market today. UVA and UVB rays won’t penetrate it, pollen can’t touch it, and dirt and dust just fall away like water. GYEON Q2 CanCoat CanCoat is the easiest to apply SiO2 coating available. Silicon Dioxide is a very hard mineral. Formulated using fluorocarbon polymers and Sio2 technology, Aquaboost bonds on a molecular level with ceramic coatings as well as paintwork, glass, plastics, wheels and metal surfaces. Ultra Hydrophobic, Super Durable & Extreme Glossy Finish. 9h Nano Car/ceramic Sio2 Coating , Find Complete Details about 9h Nano Car/ceramic Sio2 Coating,9h Nano Car,Ceramic Sio2 Coating,Ceramic Sio2 from Other Car Care Products Supplier or Manufacturer-Laiyang Zixilai Environmental Protection Technology Co. Once cured, CQuartz Professional forms a dense, durable coating that protects the paint for years to come! What do CQuartz Professional coatings do that others do not? There are a number of other ceramic coatings available, from Ceramic Pro 9h and Flightshield Sapphire V1 to Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra among others. not months. Quartz Professional was developed based on advances over the past 6 years in C. Works as a booster for 9H ceramic coatings. Element 119 is known as one of the first laboratories to harness SiO2 technology and is the leader in innovation and improvement of ceramic paint protection technology worldwide. This gives the coating a very hydrophobic property (meaning water repellent) and provides the extreme water beading characteristic of a good ceramic coating. When you need both protection AND a boost – the Wolfgang Uber Ceramic and SiO2 Coating kit has got you “covered”! CERAMIC SHINE ™ is a quick way to get the effects of a ceramic coating. Adam's Ceramic Liquid Wax is a fully-synthetic, silica-infused wax. Much longer than standard wax and paint sealants. HAVE YOUR INVESTMENT PROTECTED TODAY A lot of people think that ceramic coating can be used as a paint protection film substitute, but they are wrong. CQuartz Professional Ceramic Coating Proudly serving Long Island, Queens, and New York What is CQuartz Pro Ceramic Coating? Using the knowledge and technology from CQuartz Finest Ceramic Coating, CarPro developed CQuartz Professional as a solution to customers wanted a durable yet affordable ceramic coating. Like glass, ceramics belong to the class of materials which have been manufactured and used for thousands of years, as drinking and cooking vessels, as floor and roof covering, as dental and bone prosthesis, as heat shields of space shuttles and in many other high-tech-applications. Ceramic Wax, the Wax of THE FUTURE! Ethos Ceramic Wax bridges the gap between ceramic coatings and hand applied waxes or sealants. SiO2 hydrophobic coatings offer premium value while providing quality and durability. McKee's 37 Hydro Blue Sio2 Coating - Protect your car for months with this spray and rinse SiO2 coating! McKee?s 37 Hydro Blue Sio2 Coating covers your vehicle in an extremely hydrophobic gloss shell of protection in under 10 minutes! ceramic coating GT Quartz™ by Gliptone® represents Gliptone's latest advancements in vehicle surface protection. GT Quartz™ by Gliptone® represents Gliptone's latest advancements in vehicle surface protection. Sio2 Ceramic Wash is a custom car shampoo for maintaining vehicle protection coatings. For your vehicle it’s a hand applied layer of liquid polymer that chemically bonds to provide a “glass like” clear coat protection for all exterior surfaces. SiO2 provides superior hydrophobic properties, UV protection, self-cleaning properties, dirt repellency, surface slickness, and gloss. Revitalize SiO2 Nano Wash - Caring for your ceramic coating Liquid Coating State Nano Silicon Material 9h Ceramic Coating For Car Paint Protection , Find Complete Details about Liquid Coating State Nano Silicon Material 9h Ceramic Coating For Car Paint Protection,Ceramic Coating,Sio2 Coating,Crystal Coating For Cars from Other Car Care Products Supplier or Manufacturer-Guangzhou Wax Sister Car Beauty Products Co. Ceramic Coating Ceramic Pro is a proprietary formulation of TiO2 (titanium dioxide) and SiO2 (silica dioxide) formulated at the nano-level, giving it superior protection characteristics of hardness and resistance. You can use BLACKFIRE SiO2 Spray Sealant either as a stand-alone paint protection product, or it can be used to maintain your current standing protective sealant or coating. The effects of deposition pressure  19 Aug 2019 Coating Kit. What? 28 Mar 2019 However, I do enjoy using the Coating/SiO2 sprays that have . But, it’s not too quartz-rich to make it difficult to install. Introducing Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray Coating, an affordable, user-friendly, professional grade, ultra-durable, super-hydrophobic protection formula. Let’s set something straight… In the car care industry, ceramic coatings and “nano” technology have become buzz words and industry standards and although sometimes effective, these are not true “ceramic” coatings. Would you like your car’s windshield and windows to be superhydrophobic, repelling water and resisting spots? Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating has an innovative technology to transform liquid into a glass coating (SiO2) protective layer for your car. 9H Nano Car/Ceramic SiO2 Coating, , Aircraft and Marine Ceramic Coating, Connecticut, United States, Ceramic Resin. These product are also referred to as SiO2 coatings or as Ceramic coatings. This guarantees long lasting coating with extreme strength resistance and water-repellency. The best ceramic coating for cars provides a 9H water repellent coating at the surface and also features a multi-layer technology that enables the layer to remain flexible underneath your paint job. TACSYSTEM Quartz Shine 70% SiO2 30ml ceramic coating kit Also works on PPF (car bras), Gloss Vinyl Wraps, Chrome, Plastics, Paint, Gel Coat, Windows,  30 Apr 2019 SiO2/SiC coatings were deposited onto ceramics disks using plasma‐enhanced chemical vapor deposition. It can be quite confusing selecting the right product(s) for your needs. ae at best prices. Buy SiO2 Quick Coat - Ceramic Waterless Wash, Shine & Protect | Advanced Ceramic Infused SiO2 Polymer Protection | Ceramic Coating Detailer | Spray Sealant Top Coat Quick Nano-Coating (16oz): Sealants - Amazon. Nano SiO2 steen coating/imgregneer. Adam's Ceramic Spray Coating 9H - 8 oz. Auto Ceramic Coating 9H PRO+ for car paint protection (X9) This is the world's finest automotive inorganic ceramic 9H coating. SiO2 coatings SiC on the other hand, works in a very different way, as it crosslinks with the clear coat and reaches maximum gloss in 7-14 days, and then remains this way for the life of the paint. This website offers you a detailed overview of the advantages and applications of self-cleaning, sustainable, non-stick and easy-clean functional ceramic SiO2 and barrier coatings, whose sealing properties can be food-safe, ecologically optimized (fluorine-free, PFC-free) and user-friendly (do-it-yourself). These high-tech coatings blanket your vehicle in an extremely glassy, long-lasting shell of protection that resists water spots, acid rain, and industrial fallout. The coating formed will be permanent and will have superior hydrophobic effects on water beading. Therefore, if you choose to have a Ceramic Coating applied, you will be adding value to your vehicle. Protecting your Vehicles Paintwork and surfaces is crucial for maintaining gloss levels, minimising paint degradation and protecting against washing swirls. think of how reasonable is hardness of coating? and how realistic is this? Thanks to Chemist by local lab production. Silica coating and ceramic coating are pretty much interchangeable terms in this industry; essentially both referring to SiO2 in the coating. Microscopic glass particles fill in the pits, pores, and valleys, present in every exterior surface, to create a perfectly smooth surface. Buying Request Hub makes it simple, with just a few steps: post a Buying Request and when it’s approved, suppliers on our site can quote. SiO2 is the main ingredient in glass and is a primary raw material for many whiteware ceramics and in ceramic glazes to give a glossy, hard, protective waterproof coating. Price: $15 Advanced SiO2 hybrid technology provides protection and durability. LATEST IN GEL SUSPENSION TECHNOLOGY: Hydro Slick uses the latest in SiO2 gel suspension technology to totally re-engineer the makeup of a ceramic coating and reinvent it as an extremely user-friendly and durable coating that anyone can apply. CQuartz Lite is built on a combination of Sio2 and Tio2 particles with over 45% solid materials, as well as proprietary ingredients not made public outside of the lab! CQuartz Lite is a great option for professional detailers as an entry level coating or for the enthusiast who wants to try their first ceramic coating. ProBody is a quick liquid Glass SiO2 spray-on ceramic sealant coating that contains more than 15% SiO2 glass technology. Description. We offer “Material Solutions That Make a Difference”, in the sense that our ceramic products and services are mission-critical to our customers’ own applications. Our coating have 1 year, 3 year, 5 year, and 10 years of paint protection technology. Semi Permanent 9H Self Cleaning Nano Ceramic Coating at Bulk Price, , car coating, ceramic coating, quartz coating, glass coating, SiO2, Connecticut, United States, Ceramic Resin. If you prefer the quick and easy way, seek durability, glass-like shine and more protection for your paint, you might want to try ceramic-coating products. A HyperWax combines the ease of use of a wax with the longevity, beading, slickness, and insane shine of a ceramic. In this video I put the previous version up against the newly formulated Paint Coating to see the improved McKee's 37 Hydro Blue is a spray on, rinse off nano-coating that blankets your vehicle in an extremely high-gloss shell of protection that can withstand any climate. 5. Find the cheap Sio2 Coating, Find the best Sio2 Coating deals, Sourcing the right Sio2 Coating supplier can be time-consuming and difficult. Cars encountering frequently with the sun and rough weather need an extra layer of protection, hence the coating. About 55% of these are other car care products, 20% are car paint, and 15% are boat  There are many different kinds of ceramic coatings, majority of them being SiO2 ( Silicon Dioxide) based with different formulations to tweak their performance  Car Brite Black Pearl Ceramic Si02 Coating provides a lasting, impermeable barrier that protects surfaces against the harshest of elements while providing a  Buy McKee's 37 MK37-630 Hydro Blue SiO2 Coating | Ceramic Car Wax Spray | Advanced SiO2 Coating | Hydrophobic Top Coat Paint Sealant Protection, 16  The basic chemical composition of a ceramic coating is Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). We provide a variety of services, including interior detailing, exterior detailing, car waxing, car polishing, hand washes, Ceramic Sio2 coating, luxury detailing, ceramic coatings, and more. I spent 6+ hours polishing with Maguers polish 102? Claying alone is not likely to be enough, but it should have an effect on the coating. Dealers do **** wash jobs and scratch everything. 5 meter wide production ma-chine is in the process of being statistically characterized to Silicon dioxide, also known as silica, is an oxide of silicon with the chemical formula Si O 2, most commonly found in nature as quartz and in various living organisms. This infused SiO2 Ceramic Coating creates a water sheeting effect that can last up to a year. HydroCharge Ceramic Spray Coating is a revolutionary ceramic treatment that sprays onto any surface with a simple squeeze of the trigger! With HydroCharge, you can get all the benefits of a ceramic coating without the expense, time, difficulty, and headache of traditional ceramic coatings. coating sodium oxide coating composition ceramic coating Prior art date 1967-01-20 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. The hydrolysis and degradation of SiO2 and TiO2 based resins is accelerated with high pH products (such as alkaline degreasers) as well as at low pH cleaners (acid wash, etc. Today's automotive detailing and car care industry is constantly evolving. 5 year warranty Introducing Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray Coating, an affordable, user-friendly, professional grade, ultra-durable, super-hydrophobic protection formula. 9% purity formula made for hot or cold temp environment applications. As the technology that goes into automotive detailing products continues to advance, the quality of results and the capabilities of the products likewise continue to advance. You may use it on your rims to deliver the ultimate protection and self-cleaning abilities. When it hardens and is buffed off the surface after being applied, it produces a crystal layer onto the surface area. True Ceramic Coating ‑ THE ULTIMATE DIY KIT. ). Using patented Liquid Ceramic technology's enables CGA to offer the strongest most advanced line of Nano coatings available in the world today. RM299 Only 😀 3 Layer Full Car Nano Ceramic Coating 😀 For all size of car (Without any COBALT 9h Ceramic Coating Spray. HydroSlick uses the latest in SiO2 gel suspension technology to totally re-engineer the makeup of a ceramic coating and reinvent it as an extremely user-friendly and durable coating that anyone can apply. Our product range spans from advanced ceramic grains and powders, to specialty refractories and ceramic systems. com offers 3,850 sio2 coating car products. Migliore has taken its patented easy to use ceramic coating properties and created an ultra strong formula to protect your prized wheels. Infused with over 10% Sio2 based protectants, Refresh helps to rejuvenate the coatings protective and hydrophobic properties by adding on another layer of protection which bonds to any brand of Ceramic Coating. This technology is more chemically resistant than waxes or sealants. Since our ceramic coatings are also self-cleaning, the need for regular waxing will become a thing of the past. Auto Bliss Detail is your industry-leading auto detailing company in Gresham, OR and the surrounding areas. Even more importantly, a variety of ceramic "alloy" coatings, such as Al2O3. The use also depends on the terrain the car runs on. SiO2, Al2O3. , Ltd. McKee's 37 Hydro Blue Sio2 Coating uses nano-coating technology to fully cover your vehicle in a protective layer. A paint protection film gives better protection and a ceramic coating is a premium alternative to car wax. This article hopefully will clear up some of the confusion. ) Expired - Lifetime Application number Inventor Howard D Flicker Al2O3-SiO2 ceramic coating (ASMA) was formed on carbon steel to prevent carbon steel from oxidization at 1250 C for 120 min. ceramic coating, sio2, paint sealant, glass coating, paint coating, Coating (Material), ceramic sealant AntiGraffiti Test: System X Ceramic Coating Read more Anti-Graffiti Paint Test A new car was treated with System X and allowed to cure. The primary function of a ceramic coating is to protect the surface it is applied to. Alibaba. The unique formulation of Ceramic pro has enabled it to be multi-layered which means the thickness of the coating can be increased with additional layers allowing a thicker/harder film that will increase protection. PPF/Clear bra will protect against rock chips (to an extent). Adam's Wash & Coat - Ceramic Coating SiO2 Infused Car Wash Soap - Add Durable Ceramic Protection While Washing Your Vehicle - PH Neutral High Suds Formula (8 Oz) : Of all fit any website and drink espresso machine Gaggia begins to enjoy a single serve the best option is easy to a cup of home interior decoration of co Waxedshine introduces Aquaboost. CQUK is based on the same technology as the original Cquartz with some interesting tweaks. Remove it using a good quality microfiber towel and never use it again for your car because the SiO2 absorbed in the towel will dry up and damage the paint of the car if used again. The ceramic coating then chemically bonds with the car’s factory paint to form a protective layer, like a glass layer, on the paint. Sonax 236941 Ceramic Coating for long lasting. Properly-applied, the chemical bond it forms is often very strong and can allow the coating to last several years. Unlike other Sio2 coatings in the world, Opti coat Pro reacts to factory clear coat to create a new, uniform, and flexible film of Sic on the paint of approximately 2 microns in thickness and is part of the paint system. High Solids, SiO2 Ceramic Coating. What is a ceramic coating? [pdf] The active contents’ technical name is SiO2 Quartz. Instead, Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash uses the same silica (SiO2) technology that many ceramic coatings are using to provide years of protection. LCA is a clear, glass coating that protects your vehicles paint or gel coat from the harsh elements of the roadways. Current glass coating products had 20% of SiO2 in the product however CQUK has 70% SiO2 with 99. Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash does not use traditional carnauba-based protection that many have come to expect from a wash & wax. There are coatings for paintwork, glass, rubber and plastic. Activate is formulated with carbon-infused SiO2 technology that leaves the surface glassy and with extreme slickness. I chose CQuartz 3. Lucid Ceramic Coating Services. it gives a real deep shiny gloss to the vehicle surfaces (Much brighter than the new paint like mirror) and super durability,water-repellent,anti-fouling and anti-scratch protection performance for car paint surface. The Opti-Coat Pro+ Permanent Ceramic Paint Protection package now delivers even more gloss and slickness than ever before, while still maintaining the same chemical structure that has made it renowned as the most advanced protective ceramic coating for cars in the world. Surfactants in the blend reduce the surface tension of the wetting agents. The barrier properties achieved to date on PET and OPP are listed in Figures 3 and 4. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why ceramic paint coating has become a The exclusive new 70% SiO2 with 99. Paint Protection Ceramic Coatings. With all-new, advanced Si02 hybrid technology you get ceramic protection that’s so easy to use, you can actually wax your paint as you rinse off your car! After washing & rinsing off the soap, simply spray on Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax and then follow that with a second rinse with a strong stream of water. Swirl marks and light scratches are not only decreased by the harder ceramic coating, the factory paint is also protected and preserved. Applying a ceramic coating will help the paintwork look great for much longer. Spray on, Rub in with… Find professional auto detail supplies for high quality car care like HydroCharge High-Gloss Hydrophobic SiO2 Ceramic Spray Coating at Chemical Guys! test. It also protects the car against chemical stains and debris. The best car care products are available in Australia. Easy to Use, High Chemical Resistance & Long Lasting. SHIELD BATH – Infused with SiO2 . Adam's Ceramic Paste Wax works as a glass coating to seal your paint and protect it from the elements. Products. hybrid nano ceramic titanium spray coating (coating lite) and also their ceramic  SiO2 Coatings. This is the first ever nano silica coat It is extremely important when washing ceramic coating to use a truely ph nuetral detergant. Liquid Glass in a Can - SiO2: The Beauty of Spray-On Liquid Glass Liquid Glass Coating is all the rage these days and it’s not hard to see why when it’s being used for all kinds of applications, in Migliore Strata Coating is a 12 month ceramic paint coating that creates a strong barrier above your paintwork, protecting it from UV rays and environmental contaminants. Swirls just happen, sometimes when washing the car and other times . Directions for use: Shake well. In this work, a waterproof glass–ceramic coating on a porous silica ceramic substrate has been successfully prepared by sintering LAS based glass powder. We offer high quality microfibre towels, car wash, carnauba waxes, polymer sealants, dual action car polishers, ceramic coatings, grit guard car wash buckets, metro vac master blasters and metro vac sidekick. It is entirely the same preparation steps as for ceramic coating, but a less labor intensive final step By contrast, my brand new car due shortly will have full hydrophobic wrap with ceramic coat on top (specifically made to apply to paint protection film, unlike almost all ceramic coatings) Mothers CMX Ceramic Coating Spray contains a professional grade and super-hydrophobic protective formula that enhances your car's shine Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) a System X Ceramic Coating - Thomaston, Connecticut - Rated 4. CaO, etc. shield ceramic coatings Showing all 25 results Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Nanoparticles > Nano Metal Oxide > Silica Nanoparticles ; Silica Nanoparticles. China Silicon Dioxide Coating Sio2 manufacturers - Select 2019 high quality Silicon Dioxide Coating Sio2 products in best price from certified Chinese Silicon Rubber Product manufacturers, Custom Powder Coating suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China. This is a Ready To Use version, but it is available in a Concentrated version as well. This translates to less opportunity for bird droppings etching paint and bug marks staining paint. Utilizing the latest in nano-SiO2 technology, True Ceramic Coating is available in a small, easy and affordable size, that’ll get your car protected and self cleaning for up to 16 months. Pro has passed rigorous Boeing approval testing and has been evaluated for hardness as well as alkali and salt resistance by SGS laboratory. Like no other product, System X Diamond provides paint protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability and chemical resistance. Quartz’ line of Professional coatings. Silicon Dioxide, SiO2, is the low-index, low absorption material used in combination with high-index oxide layer coatings that operate in the UV (~200 nm) to IR (~3 μm) regions. Ceramic vs Glass vs Quartz. This measurement helped establish an internal qualitative measurement of process stability. Add Sio2 Ceramic Wash to any foam gun or foam cannon for an extra slick and foamy wash for enhanced debris removal with less friction and chances of installing swirls and scratches. And thanks to its waxing properties, your car will shine like a diamond. Anyone have any info on the pros vs cons of the different products out there? Ceramtek’s 9h marine grade ceramic coating is an ultra durable long lasting glass like ceramic coating; Ceramtek’s ceramic coating it is formulated with a unique blend of sio2 and tio2 nano particles; Ceramtek can be applied in the sun with no concern of high humidity affecting the application process China Sio2 Ceramic 9h Nano Coating for Car Detailing, Find details about China 9h Nano Coating, Ceramic 9h Coating from Sio2 Ceramic 9h Nano Coating for Car Detailing - Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co. Q2 PURE offers the highest level of concentration by volume possible in an SiO2 based ceramic coating at 86%. The Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax is an Sio2 based, easy to apply, spray on protection product! The unique chemical makeup of water-based Silica Dioxide makes this formula, once cured, a protective layer that adds gloss, and protects various surfaces from the elements. Like Ceramic Shampoo, Ceramic Refresh was designed to condition and enhance ceramic coatings. The main ingredient is SiO2 Silicon Oxide, which is commonly found in nature and widely used in nano ceramic coatings. Created, Developed and Manufactured in North America. Pearl Nano Perfection SpeedCoat Ceramic Ready To Use Waterless Car Wash infused with a silica/ ceramic paint sealant. I have seen many posts regarding Opticoat Pro. A wide variety of sio2 car coating options are available to you, such as car paint, appliance paint, and boat paint. Gives a bright finish that is excellent on any color including; black and red cars which are most likely to develop streaks and smudges. Yttrium Silicate Coatings for Oxidation Protection of Carbon-Silicon Carbide Composites. What is a Ceramic Coating? Think of it as a second layer of clear coat, which wraps your paint, wheels, trim or glass in an ultra durable ceramic layer of protection. Let the coating dry but do not leave it for too long because, after 25 to 30 seconds, the ceramic coating product will flash. Quartz nanotechnology, this formula is infused with fluorocarbon composite and SiO2 with modified nanoparticles to provide an extremely reflective shine and rich, deep gloss. EXTERIOR CERAMIC COATING. « Back to BlogPosted: 24 May 2018. Activate is an easy to apply, durable, hard as glass maintenance coating that can be used as a spray-on, hose off wipeless application or spray-on, wipe off application. A 9H ceramic coating provides the best paint protection blocking damage from UV rays and other harmful contaminants. Unlike SiO2 based coatings the SiC-based coating is non-reactive and actually bonds to the paint and maintain the elasticity, unlike Ceramic coatings are extremely durable vehicle protection systems. SiO2 is an inorganic metal oxide that has a diameter smaller than 100 nanometers. The days of applying a wax by hand, letting it turn to a rock hard haze and breaking your shoulder removing it in the process are long gone. A wide variety of sio2 coating car options are available to you, such as car paint, appliance paint, and building coating. I mean, why would you apply a ceramic coating on collectible classic cars, they are seldom used. SiO2 forms an extremely effective layer of protection from the elements, and our Ceramic Spray Coating is the best SiO2 spray out there. Your vehicle will have a self cleaning effects and easy water spray or cloth cleaning with water only. Directions for use: Work out of direct sunlight. The metal-ceramic  The benefits are second to none when you compare our Tio2/Sio2 Ceramic Coating application to your vehicles exterior surfaces, paint, trim, wheels and glass  THE SHIELD CERAMIC COATINGS SYSTEM Majestic Solution's SHIELD Ceramic Coating System is one of the most . Professional grade Ceramic Coatings work like a charm. The short answer, maybe. Because carnauba based waxes don't react properly on coated vehicles Jax Ceramic Wax is the absolute best option to add even more durability to your coating! Jax Ceramic Wax is also a great option as a stand-alone product on a non coated vehicle. SiO2 Quick Coat – Ceramic Waterless Wash, Shine & Protect 5-in-1 – Cleans, levels imperfections, adds depth, shines and protects all in one, saving you time and money Easy To Use – Waterless wash means no water, no buckets, no hassle Best Value – Best value in the industry for 16oz! Wolfgang Uber Ceramic coats your vehicle in a layer of protection for up to 2 years (on paint) while the Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Silica Spray both enhances and rejuvenates the coating’s hydrophobicity and shine. The process is also suitable for forming a hard coating on the inside surface of a part, such as cylindrical, conical or spherical hollow parts. 0 can last 2-3 years, as can Kamikaze ISM. Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Silica Spray is perfect as a quick, stand-alone paint sealant and can be applied as often as you want! Have a vehicle that’s already coated with a ceramic or quartz-based coating? Use Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Silica Spray to boost your paint coating’s hydrophobicity and gloss levels! Quick Liquid Glass SiO2 Spray-On Ceramic Sealant Coating. The unique blend of SiO2 ceramic coating and surfactants make this product the perfect nano ceramic coating for cars. Air Freshners ; Exterior. This coating can be applied on  It is extremely important when washing ceramic coating to use a truely ph nuetral detergant. Especially when the coating is a bit worn, it should be possible to remove a large part of the product from the surface. For a super hydrophobic ultra-high gloss finish, GYEON quartz PURE, MOHS, Syncro or Nanolex SI3D Ceramic Paint Protection Kits offer a range suitable for enthusiasts, advanced or professional detailers in Australia to apply in their own garage with professional long Ceramic coating from hours and hours of research is the BEST protection you can apply. This allows Opti-Coat to effectively absorb damage that would otherwise affect the factory paint layers. The long answer, possibly? Ceramic coatings have become a massive trend in the detailing industry. Sale ; Collinite ; Chemical Guys. And let auto glass, sink become easy-clean JADE-CERAMIC’s delivers the very latest in Ceramic Coating technology! The highly advanced silicon dioxide (SiO2) coating bonds with a surface at a molecular level (10 −9 or 0. Migliore Strata Ceramic Paint Coating forms an extremely hard shell of protection that enables easy cleaning with less risk of marring and scratching. Ceramic Coating could be the best thing to hit, not only the Auto and Boating industry, but just about every other industry since soap! It can easily be described as an additional clear coat that is 3 times harder than your traditional automotive clear coat. This incredible coating creates a super hydrophobic and super glossy finish that will sheet off water and dust for years. Liquid Crystal Armour HD (LCA HD) is the finest marine grade SiO2 ceramic nano coating on the market today. **Caution! your car coating might be scratched or crack if your coating is lack of hardness! It's time to rethink again? Yes. Our Super SiO2 Ceramic wax is infused with SiO2 - Silicon Dioxide. This makes cleaning your vehicle much easier as the coating is self-cleaning meaning, dust that settles on top can be rinsed off with just water and/o with light scrubbing. . To improve the anti-oxidation properties of carbon fibers (CFs), the sol-gel method followed by pyrolysis was used to coat CFs with SiC/SiO2 ceramic coatings. Ceramic coating and polymers is like wax/sealant on steroids. This is an extremely high performing ceramic coating for all vehicle types and is designed to provide high gloss and capable protection from environmental contamination that will damage the vehicles paint. We Provide Nano Coating Ceramic ultra pure high quality with Worldwide Shipping. LCA HD is a clear, glass coating that protects your vessels surface from the harsh elements of the salt water environment. With Tint World ® Nano Ceramic Coating you will find that it’s easier to maintain a like-new finish and shine on your vehicle. Migliore Strata Coating is a 12 month ceramic paint coating that creates a strong barrier above your paintwork, protecting it from UV rays and environmental contaminants. Cleans, Seals and Protects. 1962 products Alibaba. Using our superhydrophobic coating, you can make your treasured things water resistant and waterproof, protecting them from mechanical scratch, rotten, rust, the harmful effects of ultraviolet light from the sun, etc. Jump to. sio2 ceramic coating

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