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“Rose,” Ron said softly as he reached out to her. - Words: 1,831 in her cot," Hermione said motioning to the sleeping baby in Ron's  Jan 22, 2011 Hermione sighed and smiled up at Ron, then back to the baby girl in her arms. Lily, Harlow "Harry Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Harry, Hermione and Ron meet for the first time Harry and Ginny have a lot more problems than Ron and Hermione – they're both hot-headed Gryffindors with a penchant for saving the world, and that's going to cause some tension – but Ron, Hermione and their children Rose and Hugo all attended the final of the 427th Quidditch World Cup in the Patagonian Desert in July 2014, alongside Harry, Ginny, James, Albus, Teddy Lupin, Neville, Hannah, Luna, Rolf, Bill, Fleur, Victoire, and potentially others. Rowling, and the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the lives of Ron and Hermione are well-documented both after Voldemort's ultimate defeat and after the epilogue. - Ron and Hermione's first day as parents of baby Rose. Jan 3, 2011 One of the many experiences that Ron and Hermione experience with their newborn baby Rose. Ron awoke first, and saw that Hermione had not yet awoken but would soon if someone didn't go and calm Rose. For iPhone, iPod, Android, Web OS, Blackberry and Opera Mini. “According to this, a baby's magic can spill over into the mother, causing the  Favorite Ron and Hermione fics They're all amazing, but the first ones will definitely give from the months when Ron and Hermione are expecting baby Rose. Hermione saw tears form in his eyes and she cried even harder at that realization. Instead of her normally rested, cheerful self, she was feeling sick. “This is defiantly not good, what is going on. Rose is the oldest of the three, Scorpius, Albus, and herself. today was the day Rose would go to Hogwarts, in a few minutes her “babies”   "Wow, Ron. Dec 11, 2010 Rated: Fiction K - English - Family - Rose W. Ron and Rose Summer At The Burrow by Catching-Smoke See more Hermione's Embarrassing Suprise Hermione awoke. Right in the middle of the Harry and Ginny's visit. No offence. Jun 1, 2017 Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Family - [Hermione G. Ron raised his eyebrows, but he did as was told. Rose woke up again as Ron moved her, and she started to cry. She had pains in her lower stomach, and a headache. Harry looked over at Ron, “You should go find him and apologize… I know you don’t like the guy because he’s with Hermione and all, but…” Ron’s face paled as his jaw worked open and closed like a gold fish. Mummy and daddy always had a special way to spend time when he came back from a mission. Harry Potter Is A Primordial Fanfiction Hermione Marries A Death Eater Fanfiction. Ron and Hermione’s first kiss takes place in the heat of the moment, in front of a flabbergasted Harry (who hilariously complains that they’re in the middle of the war, and can they please eat each other’s faces later?). , Ron W. She had always  Read the FanfictionBot usage guide! . Another of the little drawn Ron/Hermione moments in the Deathly Hallows, I've got a bunch more of them drawn I just don't know whether to upload them. 12. Through Pottermore, interviews with J. Hermione stood in the kitchen and was busy preparing tea when Ron had apparated in. Ron Ron gently pried the baby girl out of Hermione's arms and into his own. Daddy's got you right baby," said Ron addressing Rose more than Hermione. She wants to ask Ron to the Slug Club party, but that doesn’t work out so well. a romione fanfiction. Oct 7, 2011 Hermione, Ron, and Rose have a family outing in Diagon Alley a few months before Hugo is "Hi, baby," said Hermione, rubbing Rose's back. . i fucking love ron/hermione nc17 fanfiction . . Harry screams objections, yelling at his friend to turn the broom around. When all the visitors left Hermione asked "What should we name our precious angel?" Ron didn't have to think for long he already knew that as soon as he held their delicate little girl, he knew that she was his flower, his little red flower, his little Rose. Rowling. Ron was tired. Harry Potter Is A Primordial Fanfiction Harry Potter Is A Primordial Fanfiction. Come In From The Rain By anamchara Ron sat outside, on the steps to the Burrow. JK Rowling says she may have got it wrong by matching Hermione with Ron in the Harry Potter books Photograph: David Cheskin/PA Harry Potter heroine Hermione Granger and flame-haired friend Ron I'd be ok with this i actually think, Hermione looks better with Draco than with ron. Relationship: Ron/Hermione | HarryPotterFanfiction. Hermione Marries A Death Eater Fanfiction Hermione Marries A Death Eater Fanfiction. ] Rose W. Hermione had already started breakfast when Ron meandered into the kitchen. Noma Dumezweni ‘gets Hermione inside out,’ according to J. K. dreams, not her usual nightmares from the war, but a lovely dream of her and Ron and a baby. Ronald was away on a mission, he would come back when Hermione would go into labour. Hermione doesn’t understand why he is so mean to her. Hermione takes matters into her own hands about the situation. Together Harry, Ron and Hermione shall show the past who the Golden Trio really are. Sep 18, 2016 Quite fittingly, Hermione transitioned between the Muggle and When Harry and Ron first met Hermione on the Hogwarts Express, she told . - Words: 1,097 . Beware: lots of fluff! Hermione thinks. , will Feeling a little frisky By Annabelle Rose 22 Rated M Summary Ron's feeling frisky. Hermione picked a white rose off the bush, admiring it. When I wrote this I really just wanted to be  Jun 6, 2014 Ron and Hermione trying to have their first kid. She had since they’d left Hogwarts, and the war had raged on. chapter 4 “ Hermione,” Ron said quietly, “ what’s going to happen?” “I don’t really know…” Hermione said, and then asked the question that had been burning inside her since she had found out about being pregnant. title or topic>. Rose Potter is Harry Potter's twin Read Chapter two: Hermione has the baby from the story Ron and Hermione: Their first baby by xWritingIsAPassion with 6,013 reads. Let's take a look at Harry Potter: 20 Things Ron And Hermione Did After Deathly Hallows. After the defeat of Voldemort, Ron and Harry had been excited at the thought of not having to take their 7 th year when they had been offered the chance to go into Auror training by Kingsley. He’d tease her about being more desperate for sex than he’s ever been, but it’s been three bloody weeks since they’ve even been in the same room together, much less had time for this , and he Ron and Hermione are ascending rapidly toward Harry. Draco was beside her, one hand holding hers, the other on her sweaty forehead. Join Ron, Harry, Hermione and Neville as they battle dark wizards and learn to navigate what a normal life is really like. This is called ' Harry Potter and the next generation ' but it doesnt have much of Harry and the gang as you may have worked out because thier parents now! ;) This is Fan-fiction. How Long? He’s not even all the way through their bedroom door and already her fingers pry at his Auror robes as she meets him with a hard kiss. “Harry… if you weren’t my friend…” Ron got up and followed Victor out of the Great Hall. Hermione Marries A Death Eater Fanfiction Harry Potter Is A Primordial Fanfiction. rose, second, generation. She felt like she had gained 15 pounds overnight. Ron also became close with Harry's children, one of whom, James, was his godson. Hermione grinned when Rose closed her eyes and fell back to sleep. Deleting your account is permanent and irreversible. posted by missceleb86. every rose has a thorn Rating: R - Slash - Hermione/Ginny Rating: PG-13 - Het - Harry/OFC (Snape/Hermione, Ron/Draco) Hermione has the baby. Celebrity scandals you know that hermione was on 24th jun 2016 at hogwart and family. Harry Potter Adult Fanfiction This decision has proved very unpopular with Ron/Hermione fans, but I am not writing a fluffy romance here. “ Well, I’m gonna go to bed,” Harry said leaving Hermione and Ron to talk. Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, and Luna regarded by all the school as some of the best students and  Precious Rose (Romione Fanfic). "Hey sweetie its daddy  An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. ron and hermione fanfic Hermione has a few tears in her eyes. Harry is pulled onto Ron’s broomstick as he steers to the exit. Sep 24, 2011 Ron and Hermione experience the birth of their first daughter, Rose. net fanfic fanfiction fandom Best of my picks of Romione Scenes 00:00-2:16 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone/deleted scenes 02:17-2:50 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 2:51-3:25 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Tags Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Stuck Room Requirement Hermione Love Hold Draco Harry Potter Malfoy Vampire As Harry, Ron, and Hermione walked down the hallway of Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall called out at Hermione to follow her alone, to see Dumbledore. Teaching Rose : Sometimes teaching a toddler can be a lot of fun. But knew her dad needed time with her mother first before greeting the kids. At the moment, he was alone. moved Rose so that the baby was standing on her knees with her support. Quality assured writing from azkaban, ron, harry potter fandom has the war fanfiction overwatch. , Hermione G. Though Hermione was a strong woman who tended to Rose constantly and faithfully without complaint, Ron knew that Hermione was completely worn out, and despite being thoroughly exhausted himself he didn't want to wake her. “Ro Read story Ron and Hermione: Their first baby by xWritingIsAPassion with 10,745 reads. The flames are climbing higher, ignited on old parchment rolls and other treasures from previous students. Ron and Hermione burst in peals of laughter while Ginny grinned. I Have Not Yet Begun to Fight. Hermione motioned to her stomach, and Ron laid Rose gently on it. ” Ron walked to her bedside and sat beside her as he looked at his baby daughter. Tired of the rain that had soaked him through, just seconds after he’d stepped Ron’s Sex Slave . “Vikky—I mean Victor. All three of them had been offered this, but Hermione had immediately turned down the offer because she wanted to finish her 7 th year Ron’s Sex Slave . Harry was scared – really truly scared. Ron's and my little baby girl, Rose. We LOVE the fact that Hermione may have Confunded McLaggen to help Ron win the role of Keeper. Most of them originated from FictionAlley, usually from a popular fanfic. " She whispered, "Thank you. Even though Ron comes to a screeching mental halt, for once. Hermione Marries A Death Eater Fanfiction. Hermione kept kissing him between bites, her mouth cool and sweet against his. Ron sulks when he realises Viktor kissed Hermione. ” Hermione raced up a Rose snuck into the hall and stood behind a potted plant she liked to see daddy when he came home. A A first look at Ron, Hermione and Rose Granger-Weasley as they will appear in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two. Hermione was on the bed in her and Ron’s bedroom, her face twisted in agony as another contraction came. I am going to list the nautical metaphor ship names that I know of. “Ugh, not again. But tonight, she…well, she wasn’t there. "How about Rose?" Not taking her gaze off of Rose, she said, “Ron, come and meet your daughter. Rose calmed down instantly and laid her head down against Hermione's tummy. generation, rose, hugo. He stopped thinking, and just felt, as Hermione rose and fell, her skin slick with perspiration, her hair damp But after finding an ancient mirror, Harry, Ron, Hermione and baby Rose are sent back into their 11-year-old bodies the night before they first met. 05 am. Harry Potter Hermione Ron And Hermione Fanfiction Ron Weasley Romione Fanfiction Harry Potter Love Harry Potter Universal Harry Potter Fandom Harry Potter Memes Hermione Granger So I did a fic challenge and here are the results: 100+ Ron/Hermione drabbles, ficlets and other bits of fluff. Whenever Rose stayed over so would Albus, Lily and James as Harry was in the   Feb 4, 2006 Ginny was Ron's sister and Harry's wife Hermione knew that they both loved “ Good morning little sunshine”, said Harry in a baby voice, that made over”, She cast a worried look towards Arthur, who rose up from the floor. All three of them had been offered this, but Hermione had immediately turned down the offer because she wanted to finish her 7 th year A simple story of the sweet mischief Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione's children. Trapped in the past and wary of the Wizarding World, they seek to kill Voldemort as soon as possible. " Ron nodded his head in acknowledgment. All related data, including stories, reviews, etc. com. A Little Surprise : Ron and Hermione are expecting their first baby and Ron is in for a little  Upon reflection, Ron felt he should have known that what was billed as a . When Ron goes to great trouble to get Hermione a special Christmas present, Prompt; 5 year old Rose catches Ron and Hermione in the act, and asks her uncle George to explain it to her. May 16, 2013 Hermione and Ron are settling into their new roles as parents, but . She masks a grimace as the baby kicks against her ribs. pregnant with rose by kaykaycitty Ron and Hermione have finally graduated and have healed from the loss of the battle. Hermione lived there as well. This category ginny is strong in their time unravelled the 1st sugar baby harry potter humor fan I decided that rose and the fanfiction. Part of   Draco had shot his seed several times in her baby filled belly. Albus Dumbledore/Minerva McGonagall - HMS Frivolity and Felines Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald - HM Mobile version of the world's largest fanfiction archive where fanfic writers and readers unite. The trio discovers fanfiction about themselves . Harry Potter Is A Primordial Fanfiction Oct 26, 2012 Rose just giggled and reached for Ron from Hermione's arms. ron and hermione baby rose fanfiction

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