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 Icinga2 director api

Icinga2 director müdülü bir nevi icinga’nın config deployment aracıdır , yani siz dilerseniz hostları , objeleri , servisleri manual ekleyebilirsiniz , dilerseniz api ile ekleyebilirsiniz , dilerseniz de icinga2’nin director modülünü kullanarak Employee Maintenance refers to the maintenance of employee master data. €For reference, these passwords can also be found in€/ etc/icinga2 Icinga2 Mail Notification Scripts (for Director). 2-4+b1) LInux LOader - the classic OS boot loader linux-cpupower (5. x, unless you make usage of the Director API. Almost any infrastructure type can be represented as a resource in Terraform. conf into your Icinga2 configuration folder. So if something has API, it may have its own Terraform Provider! InfluxDB open source time series database, purpose-built by InfluxData for monitoring metrics and events, provides real-time visibility into stacks, sensors, and systems. Description of software in the Debian Linux distribution under maintenance of the Debian Edu team. Mai 2018 Einspielen von CheckCommands über die Director-API Somit nimmt der Icinga2 Director in unserem produktiven Umfeld seine Rolle als  5 Feb 2018 Follow icinga2 plus icingaweb2 and director module installation Please specify the API bind host/port (optional): Bind Host []: Bind Port  This can be be accomplished by either trivially using the Director Self Service API , or by manually executing the node setup command on any fresh icinga2  6 Jul 2016 yum install icinga{,web}2 icinga2-ido-mysql mariadb-server mysql . icinga2 on ubuntu 16. . Unlike Nagios, we can add the hosts automatically to the Icinga2 systems. These examples for the Icinga 2 API should help you get started with your own projects. Several other people implemented Icinga2-Telegram notifications by writing a simple Bash script. Die meisten Funktionen des Icinga Director sind nicht nur über die Weboberfläche, sondern auch per Kommandozeile (icingacli director …) und über eine REST-API verfügbar. This option deterines what data Nagios will send to api. The Director aims to be your new favourite Icinga config deployment tool. Installing Grafana Simple REST application with Python and Flask. 0 0 0 0 369611 net-mgmt/icinga2/Makefile 369611 net-mgmt/icinga2/pkg-plist - Add EXAMPLES option to install schemas to create mysql/pgsql databases for Icinga 2 - Bump PORTREVISION The Telegram bot API makes it really easy to use Telegram to send automated messages to yourself (or other people). And Within this article I want to share my so-far experience using the Icinga2-Director REST-API. After sync, the imported objects are editable in Director. conf. It’s free and open source and maintained by a dedicated team. View Nagendra Babu’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Because the node icinga2 is actually a slave (although called master-master setup, the second master is setup like a satellite, simply receiving all configs), it is already configured to accept commands in the API feature: icinga2 node list icinga2 node update-config. Icinga2 Version: r2. Then we install Icinga2, MySQL (if its not installed on your server yet), the monitoring-plugins and the icinga2-ido-mysql package: apt install icinga2 mysql-server mysql-client icinga2-ido-mysql monitoring-plugins. As an alternative, ]po[ customer can write their own checks as cron scripts, in order to close the project or to notify a project director etc. com Linux Tips, Tricks & News Today :- Through on this article you will get idea to to Add Remote Linux Host into Icinga2 Server on RHEL, CentOS, Debian, Ubutnu & Mint, Fedora & openSUSE Systems. Unfortunately, they are not usable in Icinga Director as there’s no ENV support. 0+dfsg-3+b10) LizardFS - administration tools Terraform's release notes. NSClient is an agent designed originally to work with Nagios but has since evolved into a fully fledged monitoring agent which can be used with numerous monitoring tools (like Icinga, Naemon, OP5, NetEye Opsview etc). Terraform doesn’t abstract resources needed to do that. rm /var/lib/icinga2/* - f # rm /var/lib/icinga2/api/zones/* -rf # rm  4. Icinga SMS notifications – integration manual. Man kann freilich auch die Objekte einzeln aus dem Director löschen, was aber schnell relativ aufwändig ist. 0 of Icinga Director you can now utilize the self service API to roll out a single Powershell script to all your Windows hosts. This defines a global zone for the Icinga Director. 4. conf Anwendungsfälle Icinga und andere Monitoring-Systeme werden überwiegend zur Überwachung dauerhaft erreichbarer Komponenten eingesetzt. 1-0ubuntu2) [universe] host and network monitoring system - classic UI icinga2-common (2. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Vadim’s connections and jobs at similar companies. Icinga2 - The definitive guide to monitoring 0. FAQ. If you’re not using the aforementioned Self-Service-API, you can also opt for using its REST API with creation of objects, apply rules, etc. The configuration is quite simple and easy compared Director import and sync. For this we can use Icinga2 with a passive check. Len has 12 jobs listed on their profile. 254. If you do not still have an Icinga2 server running, you can follow our existing installation guide. The Icinga team tries to provide as many integration as possible. == Define: icinga2::object::apiuser. How to Setup Icinga Web 2 on Centos 7. The first is based on simple network checks of your host’s external services, such as making a PEM formatted certificate chain file to be used for SSL client authentication. 04 LTS. Check command for the built-in cluster check. Many of the RDS API calls return instantly, making you think the action has been executed. 0. I will also share some usage examples and of course the endpoints. Das erleichtert die Float definition is - an act or instance of floating. Inhalte1 Vorarbeiten2 Installation2. 90 and it is a . (You can disable it with --no-emojis. Weiter Informationen – Ressource . If you would like to see a map of the world showing the location of many maintainers, take a look at the World Map of Debian Developers. service Verify the state of the new host by navigating to Overview then Hosts in Icinga’s Web 2 interface. I am trying to use Icinga to monitor a website for a particular string. eine Web-Anwendung zur die Konfigurationsdateien verwaltet und auch auf die zu überwachenden Server übertragen. You can find our packaging scripts on GitHub. # icinga2 feature enable api command compatlog livestatus perfdata statusdata. 1-0ubuntu2) [universe] host and network monitoring system - daemon icinga2-classicui (2. Icinga Monitors Availability and Performance, Gives you Simple Access to Relevant Data and Raises Alerts to Keep you in the Loop. 30 Jan 2016 How to Add Remote Linux Host on Icinga2 Server to monitor Running 'api setup' now. Icinga’s user-friendly platform leverages its fully-customizable framework which allows users to utilize an object-based configuration or customize a monitoring code via REST API to monitor infrastructures and applications of any size with an SSL-secured, integrated cluster system. com/Debian/debimangithub. A while ago I started to use this to send Icinga2 alerts to me. Icinga Plugin (click here if you are using Icinga 2) VictorOps alert processing is implemented as an Icinga contact that is added to a contact group (often ‘admins’, but that will depend on your individual configuration). Retrieves a Icinga2 ticket using IcingaWeb2's REST Api . Please note that Service Apply Rule names are not unique in Icinga 2. GitLab Grafana HP HP-UX Icinga Icinga2 Icinga Director IPCop Exposing Monitor's API through a reverse proxy Include PNP graphs in a NagVis map and in a Widget in the Tactical Overview Certificate based TLSv1+ encryption with NSClient++ # sudo icinga2 api setup Relay DHCP Server DNS-server DNS-сервер FDB-таблица FTPS FreeBSD memstick GraphicsMagick HTTPS Huawei EC306 Icinga Director - Deploying a variety of Icinga2 service configurations using continuous integration tool Jenkins. Once launched, Terraform safely and efficiently changes infrastructure as the configuration is evolved. 4 and Icinga 2. If I want to use the Director API to create a host, it's a different payload than creating it with the Icinga2 API. network backup service - PostgreSQL storage for Director bacula-director-sqlite3 (7. Vue. The Icinga Director has a workaround, but it involves restarting the Icinga daemon for each change or batch of changes, an operational characteristic we'd like to avoid. 6-5) Page last updated 2019-11-01T09:52:14Z. sendEmail. The Director is used to manage Icinga 2 configuration through the web interface Icinga Web 2. But we have an example in our Blog. com reaches roughly 348 users per day and delivers about 10,451 users each month. 6. 8. ZFS On Linux currently fails to build against the Linux 5. com has ranked N/A in N/A and 8,835,088 on the world. Terraform provides a common configuration to launch infrastructure — from physical and virtual servers to email and DNS providers. 2 This release fixes a problem where the newly introduced config sync "check-change-then-reload" functionality could cause endless reload loops with agents. com/Debian/debiman. 2 net-mgmt =7 2. How to use float in a sentence. mit „icinga2 feature list“ kann man alle aktiven und inaktiven Features anzeigen lassen. pl is Perl script which send email to mailserver to send email. x über die Idoutils-Schnittstelle. 11. org #icingacamp – Berlin – 03/01/2016 ICINGA 2 – APIFY THEM ALL 2. How to install icinga2 and icingaweb2 by Milosz Galazka on January 15, 2018 and tagged with System monitoring , Debian , Stretch , Icinga2 Install Icinga 2 monitoring instance with web-interface. şi joburi la companii similare. 7 Administrators Guide. Im Gegensatz zu seinem Vorgänger Icinga/Nagios kann man in Icinga2 diese Informationen nicht nur in einer Konfigurationsdatei sondern auch über eine REST Api anlegen. Den Agenten gibt es in der aktuellen Version im Bundle mit dem NSClient, damit sind die Plugins des NSClient++ auch weiterhin vom Agenten aus nutzbar. event_downtime - Event Plugin Command zur Benutzung mit Icinga2 Inhalt Anwendungsfälle Host-Szenarios Installation Test Konfiguration Icingaweb 2 Module Director Links Dank Appendix A: event_downtime-host. OK, I Understand I was trying to remove icinga2 completely from my Ubuntu Server 16. conf'. Icinga web 2 is now configured, it’s time to setup and make an Icinga2 server node as master for monitoring. DA: 26 PA: 98 MOZ Rank: 44 Icinga (@icinga) | Twitter Elasticsearch is an open-source, broadly-distributable, readily-scalable, enterprise-grade search engine. When new to the Director please make your first steps with a naked Icinga environment. 0 kernel is no longer exporting the __kernel_fpu_begin and __kernel_fpu_end symbols, which the ZOL kernel module relies upon as part of the file-system’s checksums. This article deals with the concept at great length. View Oleh Smirnov’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Configuring Mail Notification in Icinga2 is very easy. Данный модуль помогает легко описывать сервисы, команды и хосты прямиком из веб-браузера, используя гибкое и понятное меню. This year's DebConf was held from 6th to 12th August at the Collège de Maisonneuve in Montréal. 2daygeek. information/base:  Nachfolgender Befehl dekativiert vorübergehend das API Feature, da sonst nicht gestartet werdeb kann: # icinga2  Als erstes stoppen wir den ggf. com. The project involved some change to our existing infrastructure set up of icinga2 for leaseeagle to expose api endpoint of icinga2. Icinga is originally created as a fork of Nagios Core with the goal to add new features, a better web 2. Cheers, Michael The Director aims to be your new favourite Icinga config deployment tool. Dieser Artikel zeigt anhand von Screenshots die Konfiguration von Icinga Web 2 in der Version 2. Der Name des Endpunkt ist bei dieser Installation der Name des Servers. 6-5) Backup Archiving Recovery Open Sourced - file daemon CEPH plugin bareos-filedaemon-glusterfs-plugin (16. Mevcutta icinga2 kurduğunuz varsayarak anlatılacaktır. Icinga2 also uses a RESTful API, so you can update configuration files on the fly and notifications can come by way of email, texts, or mobile messaging applications. 8-6) Lite and fast log analizer for squid proxy lilo (1:24. Enable the api feature (icinga2 feature enable api) Create an ApiUser object for authentication; The next chapter provides a quick overview of how you can use the API. I followed the Get API credentials with more /etc/icinga2/conf. In this post we describe how to integrate Icinga2 with Graphite and Grafana on Debian stable (jessie). We supported the event by sending 5 colleagues of ours and providing silver sponsoring. Accessible through an extensive and elaborate API, Elasticsearch can power extremely fast searches that support your data discovery applicati Provided by Alexa ranking, icinga. Copy the script automtic-downtime into your Icinga2 PluginDir. The goal is to setup icinga2, icinga web, icinga director and to monitor a few hosts. What is Graphite? Graphite stores performance data on a configurable period. Via a defined interface, services can send metrics to Graphite, which are then stored for the designated period. Nagios Icinga Architecture hooks monitoring core + tests scheduler checks (plug-ins) web GUI arbitrary add-ons Icinga2: Erste Schritt mit der API. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Len’s connections and jobs at similar companies. 0 (0 ratings) Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately. The Icinga2 modules are the integration between Icinga2 and third-party applications to allow Icinga2 to be more than just a monitoring tools. The API quirks will likely remain. Bislang hatte ich immer bei dem Icinga2 Director Modul Probleme mit der Einrichtung. A Message From The Founder As the founder of Nagios, I'm asking for your help in a cause that's dear to my heart. The script is still just pretty much a polished turd since it requires some manual configuration to make it work: Installing Icinga2 & IcingaWeb2 on Ubuntu 16. new (FQDN, PORT, PATH, VERSION,  23 Dec 2016 Installing icinga2 with icinga director for host management. information/cli: Generating new CA. Icinga Director has been designed with a REST API in mind. org - Update to 2. Außerdem wird die Installation der Interfaces Icinga Web 2 und Icinga Classic UI erläutert. Download PDF here. Director is designed for those who want to automate their configuration deployment and those who want to grant their “point & click” users easy access to the configuration. Die Kommunikation mit Icinga 2 erfolgt wie bei Icinga 1. log" }. I'm launching a new project to help better the world by providing the information, ideas, and inspiration that I believe can improve the lives of people everywhere. Icinga is an open-source monitoring system used to monitor the health of networked hosts and services. Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 552 for the week of October 28 – November 3, 2018. What makes Incinga2 different from the other is the Rest API that plays a big role. This setting  21 Aug 2018 In my new Icinga 2 architecture I run a distributed setup using a master-master object Zone "director-global" { . auf der „grünen Wiese“ beginnen. Nachfolgender Befehl zeigt an, das das Feature (Möglichkeit) - api - aktuell in Icinga zusätzlich aktiviert ist: libvirt D-Bus API bindings licensecheck (3. Aug. I am using the snapshot version of icinga2 for the api feature . 3. Trackbacks/Pingbacks. js, Feathers. Copy the eventhandler-automatic-downtime. About NSClient++. When I run the plugin from the command line, it seems to work fine, but in Icinga-Web, it always shows up as successful no m icinga2telegram is a small Python script to send your Icinga2 alerts to Telegram. Displayed are packages of the Main-server category. Icinga is a great monitoring solution, especially when you use director module to perform configuration in top down environment. The device has a range of built-in plugins that enable additional functionalities and easy to use HTTP API for integration with external applications. Install guide for Grafana. It should take you about 5 min to have it up and running. To give you a little insight into the process, I’ll show you the manual approach. We had “APIs” 5. 04. Vizualizaţi profilul Claudiu P. Last time, we set up an Icinga 2 server to which we are now going to add a host. 2. GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. That was the coding part :) The next step is to learn ICINGA2 to connect with the monitoring API of the UNICORN Binance WebSocket API Manager instance. Enabling feature api. Setting up a support cal Currently not possible to process/show with Icinga Director at 1. This isn’t due to a trivial API change but rather the 5. You can even Build Kubernetes-ready modern applications on your desktop. debiman HEAD, see github. Thanks to bodsch's icinga2 gem, it made my work a lot easier for the project. Модуль Director позволяет настраивать мониторинг через web-браузер. Once a hacker has access to one of your user accounts, it’s a race against you and your data security protections to see if you can stop them before they can start a data breach. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Oleh’s connections and jobs at similar companies. With vRealize Automation, customers can increase agility, productivity and efficiency through automation, by reducing the complexity of their IT environment, streamlining IT processes and delivering a DevOps-ready automation platform. Icinga2 - Apify them all 1. The sum of monthly costs for an internal resource will be broken down to an hourly rate that is used to calculate costs on activities (project tasks, RFC's The Icinga2 provider is used to configure hosts to be monitored by Icinga2 servers. Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. They serve well, but once your  8 Nov 2016 Update 2016-12: We've met the Icinga2 developers, and talked through some of the issues. Icinga2 Modules. With the introduction and features covered, let’s start the actual installation of T he icinga2 package ships the good old mail-host-notification. Icinga Web 2 ist ein neu entwickeltes Web-Interface für Icinga Backends. I can follow instructions very well and was able to get Icinga installed this morning after spending most of yesterday following some instructions I found online. Icinga2 director müdülü bir nevi icinga’nın config deployment aracıdır , yani siz dilerseniz hostları , objeleri , servisleri manual ekleyebilirsiniz , dilerseniz api ile ekleyebilirsiniz , dilerseniz de icinga2’nin director modülünü kullanarak ekleyebilirsiniz. ) Why Python instead of a simple Bash script? Several other people implemented Icinga2-Telegram notifications by writing a simple Bash script. 0 or higher, is intended to simplify the process of automating the creation of various types of documents within the ERP system. as of v1. Quien haya trabajado con Nagios Core, sabrá de lo que le hablo. Oleh has 2 jobs listed on their profile. Hey everyone, I am brand new to Icinga and know very little about Linux. As a prerequisite you need to have Icinga2 server already setup REST API: Icinga 2 provides How to Install Icinga2 on Ubuntu 18. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. Alibaba Cloud provides web hosting solutions suitable for you, that helps you reduce development, maintenance, and IT costs while guaranteeing the security and stability of your site. Version 2. In addition to the latest features and functionality of Grafana, you can expect to see and hear from members of the extended open source monitoring community. Also, possibility to store credentials depends on the plugin – Credential Plugin. A few things to check, or things that weren't obvious to me at first, when running a distributed master/satellite configuration. View Len Smith’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Данный модуль поддерживает журналирование изменений, что позволяет в любой момент вернуться к предыдущим вариантам конфигурации (при What is Icinga Web 2? Developed from scratch using PHP 5. We will use third party SMTP to send email notifications using thirdparty tool “sendEmail. This tutorial is also available on: Nagios Exchange website . Once Install Icinga 2 Monitoring on Debian 9 Updated Friday, June 1, 2018 by Linode Contributed by Matt Vass Use promo code DOCS10 for $10 credit on a new account. 6-5) Backup Archiving Recovery Open Sourced - file daemon bareos-filedaemon-ceph-plugin (16. This can be used, for example, as a support call-hotline that routes incoming calls to the right on-call engineers. icinga2 - The heart of our monitoring platform with a powerful configuration language and REST API. Am besten soweit installiert mittels phpmyadmin. The module . In my previous article, I've explained how to install and configure an Icinga2 with Icinga Web2 interface. d/api-users. icinga. I’ve been able to get past all the setup except for the Kickstart wizard. Opsgenie Incoming Call Routing provides a phone number and manages the routing of incoming calls to this phone number based on your on-call preferences. In addition to making sure the API call for creating a snapshot executes successfully, you then need to monitor the snapshot for it's status. A n dieser Stelle ist es sehr wichtig, mit n zu reagieren, damit ein master setup durchgeführt wird — alle Clients werden dann als satellite setup geführt. 31-3) simple license checker for source files lightsquid (1. de Sun Nov 15 12:39:36 CET 2015. Introduction ¶ The Icinga 2 API allows you to manage configuration objects and resources in a simple, programmatic way using HTTP requests. Technically its a nagios plugin, but its really its entirely own monitoring solution, that just happens to run on top of the nagios core (possibly the icinga2 core eventually) that features autodiscovery, configuration via GUI (theres hardly any need to View Dario Tranchitella’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Documentation provides facts and ideally you can walk from top to down, and an API provides so many things to tell. binance_websocket_api_manager. One would need to rewrite all templates to move from, say, AWS to Azure. Als allererstes ist es sinnvoll vor weiteren Änderungen die Director – Datenbank zu leeren. Endpoint object name of Icinga 2 API. Configuring Icinga2 Master Node for Remote Hosts Monitoring. 0 0 0 0 [GitHub Mirror] Import AWS hosts into Icinga Director. nagios. Excellente Anleitung! Herzlichen Dank dafür! Alle die Probleme mit „endpoint name“ haben, schauen auf Ausgabe vom Kommando davor (icinga2 api setup). However , i am not able to see the hostgroup added through the api in icingaweb2 . Case study Icinga Director ist eine grafische Möglichkeit die Konfiguration innerhalb von Icinga selbst durchzuführen. our setup should check if there are windwos services running for the moment i did not found a solution for this. Es wird ein Zertifikat erstellt, das Feature API wird aktiviert (sofern es das nicht schon ist) — die wenigen Rückfragen beantwortete ich, indem ich auf Enter gehauen habe. SMSEagle has a built-in SQL database for secure storage of messages. Here is what i am doing : 5665 ist eigentlich der Port für die API. Nagendra has 6 jobs listed on their profile. B default vars, description, skip_key) um kleine Schwächen des Directors zu umgehen; das Objekt im Director nutzbar gemacht View Len Smith’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. 1-0ubuntu2) [universe] host and network monitoring system - common files A Hybrid Cloud Automation Platform VMware vRealize Automation is a hybrid cloud automation platform that transforms IT service delivery. fqdn" (10. 7 installed on the image available through the Azure Marketplace. This can be be accomplished by either trivially using the Director Self Service API, or by manually executing the node setup command on any fresh icinga2 installation. Vizualizaţi profilul complet pe LinkedIn şi descoperiţi contactele lui Claudiu P. We do this so that more people are able to harness the power of computing and digital technologies for work, to solve problems that matter to them, and to express themselves creatively. Icinga Director installation und integration in Icinga Web 2 / Support / Wissensdatenbank / Icinga-Director-installation-und-integration-in-Icinga icinga2 api 2daygeek. Povolení Icinga 2 API icinga2 feature enable api systemctl restart icinga2 Command Transport Transport Name: director Transport Type: Icinga 2 API Host: localhost Port: 5665 API Username: director API Password: director-> Validate Configuration -> Next Monitoring Security: ponechat defaultní Firefox Preview mit GeckoView bekommt Add-on-Support Firefox Preview mit GeckoView bekommt Add-on-Support Mozillas Vorschau-Version des Firefox-Browsers für Android, Firefox Preview, hat sich laut Mozillas Produkt-Manager Philipp Kewisch bewährt. bareos-director (16. My view is that Director is a complement to Icinga2 and you shouldn't be locked to using only Director if you want to manual changes capabilities ( well in my case its the need ) . Make sure you choose a secure password! [icinga-users] Question about icinga2 api dynamically added hosts and hostgroups Michael Friedrich Michael. And so I looked into NSClient++, its API and my longstanding TODO again. Today I had a pretty interesting task with Icinga2 and Director. by David Bolton March 19, 2015 6 min read. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Dario’s This tool works, but it hasn't received an update since 2013. are 9 joburi enumerate în profilul său. Monthly Snap November > Icinga 2 Director, OSMC, HW group Updates, AVTECH, Request Tracker, Foreman, Ceph, Git, Icinga 2 API, Braintower › NETWAYS Blog - […] the end of November, Tobias gave an Icinga 2 API Cheat Sheet, while Tim gave a Ceph training […] icinga2 | icinga2 setup | icinga2 director | icinga2 configuration | icinga2ws | icinga2 demo | icinga2 docs | icinga2 snmp | icinga2 api | icinga2 book | icing vCloud Director is one of the VMware products which help service providers with the public cloud delivery. As with the most VMware products, developers can communicate with it by API. Dicho módulo está diseñado para hacernos la vida más fácil. Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository’s web address. This was just for myself to get a monitoring server up and running to support me while building and improving other systems. Director is here to make your life easier. Previous message: [icinga-users] Question about icinga2 api dynamically added hosts and hostgroups The Icinga 2 API allows you to manage configuration objects and resources in a simple, programmatic way using HTTP requests. boring screenshots of installation. Bei meinen letzten Arbeiten hatte ich Icinga innerhalb eines Docker-Images genutzt, nun geht der Schritt hinüber zum Bau einer Appliance aus Raspberry Pi und Icinga. Our mission is to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world. Found a problem? See the FAQ. ” Todd Wilson, Director of Platform Engineering, REI. Name Title; home:ecsos: ecsos's Home Project home:ecsos:fritzbox: various software for fritzbox home:ecsos:ardour: ardour home:ecsos:Backup: various backup software Monitoring - Icinga2: Send E-Mail on Host/Service Down Serverfault. In diesem Artikel finden Sie Informationen zur Installation von Icinga 2 in der Version 2. Terraform is not a “multi-cloud tool” to ease migration among clouds to avoid vendor lock-in. github-mirror / icinga2-api-examples [GitHub Mirror] Examples for the Icinga 2 API. ICINGA2 - API 4. The NSClient API has a bonus: It renders a web interface in your browser too. Manage Icinga 2 ApiUser objects. DA: 90 PA: 98 MOZ Rank: 22 Icinga (@icinga) | Twitter ICINGA2_CA_TICKET=’aq1sw2de3fr4gt5hy6ju7ki8lo9′ (the ticket released by NetEye master) The value for the first field is easily to find (for example, it could correspond to the hostname -f command executed on the remote server) For the second parameter value, we must use the API via the curl command on the remote host agent. If this is the first time you are installing MySQL you’ll need to choose a root password. This file can also include the key as well, and if the key is included, client_key is not required. What people are saying about icingaweb2-module-director Leave a review its easy it's the best, most lightweight, easiest and user-friendliest Icinga 2 config manager. My customers use APC NetBotz 250 rack monitors to track which rack doors have been opened and if they were closed properly again. Page last updated 2017-01-12T00:10:10Z. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Len’s connections View Len Smith’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. 17-1+b1) CPU power management tools for Linux lizardfs-adm (3. We try to install all binary packages from a dummy architecture generated from amd64 (called armhf here) on amd64. But that’s pretty okay, even without — I wrote two ugly little scripts you may use if you’re interested in: Director offers a REST API • Simple and powerful • Easy and intuitive to use • Assists you with the trickiest part of the job: detect and handle changes 24. Now it's time to introduce some hosts to our monitoring system. For this installation I won’t use puppet, because I really want to focus on a real setup for Ubuntu 16. Der Icinga 2 Agent authentifiziert Verbindungen an Hand von Zertifikaten der eigenen PKI. You did not define any notification objects, referenced to host/service objects and linked to users and notification commands. Die Icinga Classic UI wurde aus Icinga 2 entfernt, liegt jedoch noch als Quellcode oder in älteren Paketen vor, wird jedoch nicht mehr aktiv unterstützt. This is the command I used. information/cli: Enabling the 'api' feature. Since October 2015 I have been fighting with an application programming interface (API) that works with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Edit automtic-downtime and edit these variables to fit your environment: It’s been a long, long wait! But it’s finally here, the second part of the Icinga 2 tutorial that I’ve promised a while ago. x / Ubuntu 15. Monitoring has to „just work“ • No one wants to waste time on it • But not every system is fully automated • e. 3 Icinga Web 2 Installation3 Icinga 2 Director Vorarbeiten Zunächst Apache, php und mysql installieren. 5+dfsg-4build1) [ universe ] network backup service - SQLite 3 storage for Director GrafanaCon is a two-day event with talks focused on Grafana and the surrounding open source monitoring ecosystem. Writing Up Plan B Why I Choose PostgreSQL Over MySQL/MariaDB. sh. Afaque has 3 jobs listed on their profile. Functionally, NRPE can only handle a payload of 1024 bytes, which limits the amount of data that you can receive on your Nagios server. 1:5665). Icinga2 with web interface on Centos 6. dom View Vadim Darii’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Da man diese importierten Objekte aber nur einbinden nicht aber verändern und künftigen geänderten Anforderungen anpassen kann, werden wir bei dieser Konfigurationsbeschreibung „von Null“ bzw. 5 First off, I'm relatively new to Linux, I'm sure there are things below that could be done better of faster. Below are two tables showing the two problem classes that prevent installation of foreign architecture binaries. 10. Built-in SNMP agent allows to constantly monitor performance of the SMSEagle. The provider needs to be configured with the API URL of the Icinga2 server and credentials for an API user with the appropriate permissions. php on line 143 Deprecated: Function create 1: Proxmox crate a user for monitoring Login to CLI # pveum useradd icinga2monitoring@pve -comment "Icinga2 Monitoring" # pveum passwd icinga2monitoring@pve # pveum aclmod / -user icinga2monitoring@pve -role PVEAuditor Vom Grundsatz her kan man bestehende Konfigurationen in den Icinga Director importieren und dort weiterverwenden. Net 4. There are no particular actions initiated by ]po[ if a project reaches its budget limit. I have set the appropriate permissions on those 2 files to allow them as executable. start_monitoring_api() If you dont have a ready script, download "example_monitoring. 0 Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch. However, the budget appears in the ["Profit & Loss" report], so that managers can take action. 3 Zend Framework 1 and jQuery Easy to extend and embed into other projects Simple INI configuration The Icinga API as well as the Director API password is set automatically to a secure value. icinga | icinga | icinga 2 | icinga api | icinga docs | icinga suse | icinga tool | icinga ports | icinga github | icinga2 setup | icinga2 director | icingacli В этом случае открываем на стороне icinga2 сервера порт 5667 для NSCA или включаем Icinga2 APi (порт 5665) и просто ждём пока нам придёт состояние какой-либо системы, при этом icinga смотрит, когда статус Sat Nov 2 05:19:43 CET 2019 Needs-Build icinga2 (2. 3 LTS is expected in this post. debiman c96e579, see github. Director comes with an import and sync tool that can be used to import objects into Director from outside sources. While not all could be resolved, the outlook seems  13 Jun 2018 Walk through a deployment using four Icinga 2 cookbooks to see what you will need to push an API User Object with the correct credentials. Mit dem Icinga Director steht nun ein Azure Icinga 2. === Parameters [*ensure*] Set to present enables the object, absent disables it. Falls das API Feature inaktiv ist schalte es an: „icinga2 feature enable api“ und versuchs nochmal. ]po[ allows the management of employee data such as contact information, cost involved and share of compound costs. December 4, 2017. This is required to sync configuration commands, templates, apply Restart the service to apply the host definitions and start monitoring the new host resource: systemctl restart icinga2. Puppet fails on icinga2 using puppet-icinga2 module; Icinga2: How to monitor scheduled tasks via check_tasksched and ignore currently running tasks? Icinga2 quotes in command arguments; Custom plugin check icinga2; Icinga2 repository service remove "disk C:" How to schedule a downtime in icinga2 by using icinga-api with groovy? In this article we will cover the complete addition of Windows and Linux Hosts to an existing Icinga2 instance. Even if you prefer plain text files and manual configuration, chances are good that the Director will change your mind. Enabled features: api checker command debuglog graphite ido-mysql mainlog notification (Also tried the features perfdata and influx but it didn't work either, even though perfdata should't be used for both influxdb and graphite it just generates a lot of files :D) Updates Icinga2 Ampel – Wir bei axxeo haben schon seit geraumer Zeit Icinga2 im Einsatz. Vadim has 7 jobs listed on their profile. MONITORING‎ > ‎ICINGA2‎ > ‎Monitor Clients with ICINGA2 client‎ > ‎ Setup ICINGA2 Client on Linux Open port 5665 firewall (done on both client and master) I know there is documentation for icinga2 integration. Make sure to restart Icinga 2 for these changes to take effect. Director is not allowed to modify existing configuration in /etc/icinga2. As in last years DebConf17 provided an incredibly productive environment as well as many interesting and thoughtful talks. Da es mich ewig Zeit gekostet hat Icinga2, den Director und Graphite zum Laufen zu bekommen, schreibe ich hier wieder einmal meine Notizen auf. in '/etc/icinga2/conf. By default, Nagios will send information on the current version of Nagios you have installed, as well as an indicator as to whether this was a new installation or not. It could be used to monitor the load and uptime of a cluster of web workers, free disk space on a storage device, memory consumption on a caching service, and so on. During this, certificates used for external applications to bind to Icinga2 are created: # setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect 1 # icinga2 api setup. Hier werden durch die „restful API“ und über ein Web-Interface bzw. The script uses the Icinga2 Director REST api to automagically create hosts that doesn't already exists and auomates the process of installing the agent. Disclaimer: I started using icinga2 before Icinga Director came out. Port details: icinga2 Monitoring and management system for hosts, services and networks 2. Icinga2’ye Director Modulü Kurulumu Icinga2’ye Director Modulü Kurulumu. Our recommendation is to put the Director on the central master instance, and let deployments happen from there. X unter Ubuntu 14. At this stage, included import types include CoreAPI (Import from Icinga2 API), LDAP, and SQL. Letzte Woche habe ich auf der Froscon 11 einen Vortrag zur dynamischen Anlage von Host und Service Informationen auf Icinga2 gehört. Ihr Artikel hat mir bei der Einrichtung des Moduls sehr weitergeholfen! Der Director ist nun in der aktuellen Version in meinem Lab, auf Basis einer VMware vSphere VM, mit Guest OS Ubuntu 16. sh and mail-service-notification. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Ricardo has 6 jobs listed on their profile. js, NodeJS, NoSQL, Contao, PHP, WebDEV, jQuery, AngularJS, Linux, Server, Javascript, Ansible, Icinga Icinga2/Director, how do I change the status (OK, Warning, Critical) of a service based on a custom command sent via Icinga Agent? Having trouble figuring this out, new to icinga, but want to be able to set up custom commands that get ran via Icinga Agent on the remote host, and have the state change based on the result. 04 by running apt-get purge --auto-remove icinga2 and also removing anything related to icinga2 i could find after locate icinga2 My second move turned out to be rather stupid because no matter what i do I don't seem to be able to reinstall icinga2 properly. Introduction. This guide depicts the configuration of Centos 7. If you experience any issues with the packages, please report them here. Icinga2. The issue was with accessibility to DNS server which was installed in AWS without any public access, so basically it was used only for internal requests. Icinga Director utilizes the Icinga2 API feature, which needs to be enabled first. py". g. This will not actively check for events but rather wait to get notified about an event. I won’t discuss it in details, so you can read Jenkins Wiki if you are interested in. user - (必須)vCloud Director API操作のユーザー名です。 VCD_USER環境変数で指定することもできます。 password - (必須)vCloud Director API操作のパスワードです。 VCD_PASSWORD環境変数で指定することもできます。 org - (必須)API操作を実行するvCloud Director組織です。 “[New Relic] has helped us pinpoint where the errors are happening or what service is down, and reliability has improved significantly. Abstract. changes of Package icinga2----- Thu Oct 24 14:56:33 UTC 2019 - ecsos@opensuse. The inability to write templates through the API stems from the same underlying problem, so we won't see write support for templates soon. org • @dnsmichi 3. DESCRIPTION. # icinga2 feature enable notification Enabling feature notification. conf already provide an insight, although you should consider writing your own notification apply rules for hosts and services based on your notification type - be it mail, sms, etc. There are a number of groups that maintain particularly important or difficult packages. Ich selbst hatte noch nie das Vergnügen diese Meldung zu lesen. 1-0ubuntu2) [universe] host and network monitoring system icinga2-bin (2. • Michael Friedrich • Core developer, Vagrant boxes • Senior Developer @NETWAYS • ~7 years #icingalove • monitoring-portal. android angular angular2 anomalieerkennung ansible api api transformation arm ashost automation autoscaling avm aws aws-lambda backup bapi bash bdd bgp big-data bigdata blade bladecenter bleeding-edge blue coat business process c cache ccms check_by_ssh check_db2_health check_hpasm check_jmx4perl check_logfiles check_mailbox_health check_mssql » Providers Terraform is used to create, manage, and update infrastructure resources such as physical machines, VMs, network switches, containers, and more. Dario has 8 jobs listed on their profile. icinga) submitted 11 months ago by Whosthatguy7590 I Need help with the icinga2 director, every authentification and validation is successfull with the API. Please read the API documentation thoroughly before looking into the scripting details. Director is designed for those who want to automate their configuration deployment and those who w PowerShell Workflow / SMA Installing Icinga2 agent using power shell for windows machine Icinga Director - модуль для визуальной настройки конфигурации системы мониторинга Icinga2. However, making a snapshot of a larger instance is obviously a taks that might take a while. Da Icinga2 seit längerem eine API anbietet und wir gerne eine Icinga USB Tisch-Ampel zum Anzeigen verschiedener Statusinformationen verwenden wollten, haben wir ein Ampel-Script erstellt. Icinga 2 erlaubt über das dynamische Konfigurationsschema und über die API eine flexible Konfiguration und Anpassung an die eigenen Bedürfnisse. In this tutorial we will use Icinga to set up two different kinds of monitoring configurations. A provider is responsible for understanding API interactions and exposing resources. The Icinga2 dashboard is a good tool for operational centers that want to have an dashboard alerting system. [db] resource = "Director DB" # icinga2 api setup In our previous article, we have covered the installation of Icinga 2 server and the installation of Icinga Web 2. [db] resource = "Director DB" # icinga2 api setup File icinga2. d/notifications. In 2012, the Icinga project released a technology preview of the core framework replacement and a parallel development branch called Icinga 2. Create a new user for this script in SMSEagle. i personaly still haveing issues putting icinga2 in a production enviroment. Please specify the API bind . 1 Aktivierte Features anzeigen2. Ya que dedicar interminables horas a editar ficheros de configuración, desde la consola de comandos, añadiendo nuevos hosts, servicios, comandos, etcétera, puede ser algo realmente tedioso. Clicking run import on the wizard gives me: * I was unable to re-establish a connection to the Endpoint "master. cluster. 1-1 on CentOS 7. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Nagendra’s connections and jobs at similar companies. com uses a Commercial suffix and it's server(s) are located in N/A with the IP number 185. „Add a new MSSQL instance“ • Environmental sensors Icinga2 Director failed to load ICINGA_COMMAND "Hostalive" (self. www. It provides a way to start your infrastructure monitoring and includes; query, create, modify and delete config objects, perform actions and more. The latest Tweets from Christoph (@PsiTrax). I will also share some usage examples and of  29 Nov 2017 Hey, This is maybe a nonsense thread, so sorry in advance if my question is stupid I use Director to manage my configuration and I'm looking  22. MySQL has a plugin API for C/C++ or any C-compatible language. Dafür wurde das Zertifikat mit dem Befehl icinga api setup vorher erstellt. Most URLs . . Icinga2’ye Director Modulü Kurulumu. Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 552. Module used to integrate with the REST API that Icinga2 provides. #opensource Recently I had the task to integrate snmp traps into Icinga2. GPG/PGP keys of package maintainers can be downloaded from here. SMSEagle Setup. In this guide, we will look at how to add remote Linux machines into Icinga 2 server. It is necessary to create a API user with full privileges for Icinga Director. The reason for this is the requirement of an own dictionary as command and arguments. Keep in mind that the Icinga Director only store it as a string, so set it in seconds if you use Icinga Director. 04 October 21, 2015 Updated November 8, 2016 By Kashif Siddique GUI , MONITORING Icinga is an open source network monitoring application that provides us with Icinga Web 1 and Icinga Web 2 interfaces to fully manage and monitor the hosts and services through its dashboard. # icinga2 api View Afaque Ahmad’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. These examples remain generally unsupported, you should not put them in production without your own review and knowledge Icinga is a flexible and powerful open-source monitoring system used to oversee the health of networked hosts and services. In their second year, In June 2014, the Icinga project released the first stable release of Icinga 2. It was originally In their first year, Icinga developers released separate versions of Core, API and Web, and celebrated their 10,000th download. CONSTRUCTOR. Claudiu P. However do you have any documentation for config needed on icinga2 when using the director module? Icinga developers released separate versions—Icinga Core, Icinga API and Icinga Web. On this page. 12. object ApiListener "api" { 13 Jun 2017 DESCRIPTION. Hi there, I’ve recently deployed a new Icinga2 instance, with two master servers and a third running Icinga Web and the Director module. As an Icinga 2 pro you know all the knobs and tricks Icinga2 provides. d /api-users. Icinga2 [PART 2] - Monitor Linux Clients (icinga 2) In this video we will learn how to monitor Linux servers using icinga 2. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. It makes application more accessible to more people as you can use web-interface and role based permissions to allow developers and testers to write and use their own checks and notifications. They are not  The Icinga 2 API allows you to manage configuration objects and resources in a This functionality was primarly developed for the Icinga Director but can be  Icinga Director offers a Self Service API, allowing new Hosts running the Icinga It allows you to generate a single Powershell Script based on the Icinga 2  7 Mar 2019 Within this article I want to share my so-far experience using the Icinga2-Director REST-API. Project Participants. It also adds emojis to your alerts to highlight the type and importance of the alert. Connects to IcingaWeb2 and gets a ticket for the provided hostname (Does NOT support an array Kind Nummer 1 liegt im Bett und Nummer 2 schlummert gerade auch so vor sich hin: endlich Zeit sich wieder Icinga zu widmen. How to create credentials in Jenkins? Some theory… Probably everything in Jenkins is based on the plugins. some API calls, it is a good idea to test them. In the following year, Icinga integrated the Icinga API component into Icinga Web and improvised SLA reporting. 6-5) Backup Archiving Recovery Open Sourced - director daemon bareos-filedaemon (16. org when it checks for updates. 23 Oct 2017 CentOS 6 sudo yum -y install icinga2 mysql-server mysql . While thinking about the documentation structure, I could play around with the View Ricardo Hernandez’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. 0 kernel sources. 1-1 unter Ubuntu 16. I`m attempting to /etc/icinga2/features-enabled/mainlog. Friedrich at netways. 04 LTS, eingerichtet. Distributed monitoring involves the use of the underlying distributed infrastructure Icinga Agent – erster Windows Client überwachen. 2016 Dabei will der Director. The sample configuration in conf. Installation. - Using Icinga2 director and assisting teams to help setup checks via API. - Maintaining Icinga2 service configuration by removing, adding and applying changes to different services. dem Director ein Icinga2 Objekt bekannt gemacht (API) Icinga2 Sprachelemente genutzt die so im Director noch nicht zur Verfügung stehen (z. Hey all, #shortstory. – lazyfrosch Jun 21 '15 at 10:49 Um den Director mit Icinga2 verbinden zu können, benötigen wir für den Director einen Api-User. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Len’s connections If you want (GUI-)autodiscovery I would strongly suggest you take a look at check_mk because it just might be exactly what youre looking for. Any hacker knows the keys to the network are in Active Directory (AD). pe LinkedIn, cea mai mare comunitate profesională din lume. Definition der Ressource für den Icinga2 Director. pl”. Docker Desktop and Desktop Enterprise are applications for MacOS and Windows machines for the building and sharing of containerized applications and microservices. Package Repository. Distributed network monitoring involves receiving performance reports about the state of the network from various locations in it, via different types of pollers. 0 style interface, other database connectors and a Rest API. com/Debian/debiman Stack Exchange Network. com Well you said you tried to add contact_group to your host, that is wrong - you need to create/apply a Notification to tell Icinga 2 how to notify whom for what object and event. API not syncing files to Icinga2 satellite. Die für Icinga2 vorgesehene GUI ist Icinga Web2, welche gleichfalls fortwährend weiterentwickelt. I was able to successfully add hostgroups and hosts dynamically through the api and query them . Developed as an Icinga Web 2 module it aims to be your new favorite Icinga config deployment tool. Terraform is better characterized as a multi-service tool. Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in /home/clients/f93a83433e1dd656523691215c9ec83c/web/6gtzm5k/vysv. laufenden Icinga 2 Server. 3 LTS — Published 13 Sep by MemphiZ — Note: A clean and up2date installation of Ubuntu Server 16. Vod Eingestellt am8:05 pm - Sep 17, 2016. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Ricardo’s connections and jobs at similar companies. The API, with uses Microsoft . I downloaded and saved 2 files on Linux tails live os. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Afaque’s connections and jobs at similar companies. I have object FileLogger "main-log" { severity = "information" path = LocalStateDir + "/log/ icinga2/icinga2. They will contact your the  30 Jan 2018 The icinga2 configuration options are rich and provide you with a lot of ways to re -use what you already have. Icinga Director utilizes the Icinga2 API feature, which needs to be enabled  Icinga is an open-source computer system and network monitoring application. 04 logs every single api call to /var/log/syslog. Jetzt muss unter Icinga-Director im Menü links die DB-Ressource direcctor angegeben werden. Icinga Director Modul für IcingaWeb2 installieren [ root@vlicinga002 tmp]# icinga2 api setup information/cli:  Der Icinga Director ist viel mehr als ein grafisches Frontend zur Konfiguration der Auch den Icinga-2-API-User für den Director legt man idealerweise schon im  5 May 2017 Running 'api setup' now. Here we describe how to setup Icinga with SMSEagle for SMS notifications. 2 User anlegen2. Along with a generic script I designed in a flexible way to downtime icing2 before deployment, and reenable icinga2 after deployment. The domain icinga. icinga2 director api

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