Eldx vs eldm for hunting

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Looking to reload your own rifle rounds? Shop our selection of . The new 300 BLK Subsonic bullet of choice? After Hornady introduced the . 22 OPEN Anschutz Anschutz F-class stock Benchmark Anschutz IOR 9-36X44 Spyder, MP 8-Xtreme reticle, RWS R50 Harris Pump pillow Hasty sling No 23 OPEN CZ455 The 165 gr. Whether it shoots better than the 140 ELD-M might be up to the rifle and what it likes or maybe try and tweak the load of the 140 if it's not giving similar performance. 5 creedmoor Guns & Ammo Discussion. Buy Bullets & Cartridge Cases From The Sportsman Gun Centre. 5 MOA, ELDX is . A technologically advanced, Match™ all-range hunting bullet. The 6. but what I can say is this bullet is simply a traditional Hornady Interlock with a different shape and the heat tip. I'm waiting on the action, reamer, and suppressor to get out of jail. I would rather be on play edge of a bullet that has a thinner jacket as you use a Sierra gameking or nosler ballistic tip in the lungs animals don't go far. The inside is the same, but it has a bit different profile and a fancy tip. Expanding is 143gr. In reality if you look at the chart below the trajectory of the Creedmoor is closer to the old 190gr 300 Win Mag Load than it is the standard 175gr . 5-284 The cost of reloading the . The problem is I only have a 100 yard range that I can get to regularly and a 1000 yard range that I can get to about 3 times a year. 5 Grendel 123-Grain Rifle Ammunition features high-quality primers, cases and propellant. . TEXASBOARS HUNTING AND TRAPPING WILD BOAR FEEDER LIGHTS FOR HUNTNG WILD HOGS Information. 22lr ammo or a 1,000 round case of bulk 5. Updated: May 10, 2019. 75 MOA, 120 AMAX is . Lost some shoulder meat in the process but it was a pretty close shot. The Deer Hunter’s Guide to I picked up 200 6mm 103 ELD-X's to give them a go in my 6XC. The deer was a double lung shot. However, the . My 6. With that cartridge, I’d be far more worried about what bullet works at <200 yards than what works at 800. I sure would not push that ELDX to super-velocity, as I think it is much like I have used the 178 gn hornady eldx out of a 300 wsm on deer and elk. 264 caliber 6. For my rifle, ELDM is . Description: G1 BC: G7 BC: G7 Form Factor: Minimum Twist (or faster) Part # 6 MM (. Here we compare results of Hornady's ELDX Bullet in 6. 646 would mean that the 147's would perform better in the wind - meaning that the 147 would require less horizontal correction than the 140 in the exact same wind. brass (once fired) & neck sized only / worked-up a load for the factory rifle, Rem. I do like hornady bullets. Started in 1984, Powder Valley has grown to become the single largest distributor of canister powder in the United States. 264” 130 gr. Hornady SST or Amax vs the new ELD-X and ELD-X bullets As many know that match grade bullets command a higher price tag compared to hunting bullets even the ELD-X @ slow power did hold together and penetrated 7 jugs. But at 300-400 yards the BT is comparable to ELD-X mushroom. and factory ammo can be had for around 23. 300 win mag (200gr ELD-X and 165 gr Peregrine), I would use the Peregrine in your situation. Ek dink ek gaan die eldx'e toets en sien of dit vir my werk, after all bemark Hornady die punt as n punt waarmee jy kan jag en n hoe BC het so ek gaan dit probeer. We thank all the talented shooters who provided research and commentary for this 7mm Cartridge Guide. You can spend much more for a hunting rifle that looks and shoots great… but these rifles fit the bill superbly! Bobs Jewelry & Loan Need A Dollar Give Us A Hollar. 5CM and 260rem?? -- equal to a 6. 284 uses a grain or two more powder than the 6. gmx lodged in the rear hind quarter. 308 Winchester is not only a historic battlefield caliber, it is an established match caliber and one of the best all-around North American hunting calibers. The ELD-X ® (Extremely Low Drag - eXpanding) bullet is a technologically advanced, match accurate, ALL-RANGE hunting bullet featuring highest-in-class ballistic coefficients and consistent, controlled expansion at ALL practical hunting distances. 6. but using / ( 44. 22 OPEN Anschutz Anschutz F-class stock Benchmark Anschutz IOR 9-36X44 Spyder, MP 8-Xtreme reticle, RWS R50 Harris Pump pillow Hasty sling No 23 OPEN CZ455 Savage Arms is putting out so many different variants of rifles on their 110 bolt driven action that it’s difficult to keep track. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ for information on posting and navigating the forums. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The ELD-X line was made to be a long range hunting bullet so being accurate at longer ranges isn't a surprise. As hy naby staan skiet hom net agter die blad soos waar n man met n boog n bok sal skiet en jy sal fine wees of skiet hom in sy kop as jy gemaklik is. Be aware that this particular comparison does not say that the BT will outperform the higher BC - ELD-X at 500-600 yards. I plan on starting with RL-26 Hornady ELD Match 30 Caliber 208gr . However, to truly compare the cost of shooting the two calibers you must figure in barrel life. a. I found this amazing. Ranges from 50 to 350. By Joseph von Benedikt. 5 Creedmoor Powder Minimum Maximum Charge (grains) Velocity (fps) Charge (grains) Velocity (fps) Big Game 38. 050"  This is what he had to say about the 180 ELDM. It was actually the ELDM bullets I was looking at. The ELDM is just a re-designed AMax. 5 Creedmoor cartridge in its Hawkeye Standard model rifle with a 26-inch barrel. From bullets and brass to powder measures and priming accessories, we carry everything for your reloading needs. Both critters dropped instantly. I cannot speak to the eldx very highly yet, we pulled a 200 gr out of an elk and the interlock ring didnt seem to hold the core very well and the bullet seemed to almost explode on impact. Factory-loaded Precision Hunter Rifle Ammunition from Hornady uses ELD-X™ bullets to maintain highest-in-class ballistic coefficient and devastation at any practical hunting range. 5mm Reloading Bullets for Sale Online, including Sierra bullets, Barnes reloading bullets, Hornady bullets, Nosler reloading bullets, Speer bullets, Swift bullets, and more. Although not a significant issue affecting moderate BC conventional tipped varmint and hunting bullets, aerodynamic heating causes BC reduction and degradation of accuracy, particularly at extended ranges (400 yds +). SMK with H4350. 5 cal to compare with the 308 based cartridges, if you want to bump it up to magnums we can use the 7mm bullets and again the 30 cal loses. ELDM, 24" proof 1:7, and a MDT LSS sitting on the shelf. Description . Berger has been one of the best ammunition manufacturers in the country for many years. I'd also proved that myself way out to 1200m so I call that I know it's been a while since this thread was active, but I was just curious how you are liking them 143 ELD-X in your 264 win mag, mcseal2? I've been working on load development for my 264, and after seeing a cutaway picture of the ELD-X and the ELD-M, showing the joke for an interlock ring, I think I may switch to the 147 gr ELD-M. If you’re in the long range, precision/accuracy game, there’s lots of reasons to put all of those aside and focus on either the 6. 264") bullets, in general, are known for their relatively high ballistic coefficients, and have seen success in rifle competition. I found the bullet and it was a perfect mushroom weighing 165 grains. Here you will find hunting, fishing, and survival tips from the editors of Field and Stream, as well as recommendations from readers like yourself. 697 vs the 140 ELD-M's G1 BC of . 5-284. The price is 20% higher but you will get 30% more bang for your bucks. com Use these in a RPR and they are disappointing at 100 yards but the crazy thing is they get better at 200 yards and farther. and 270 Win. 5 Cal bullet for whitetail deer. Aug 27, 2018 Tags: eld, hunt, load, match, rifle (I even have a box of 178 ELD-X's here for my new 300WSM I'm 147 ELDM at 550 Yards - YouTube Jun 9, 2019 Hornady ELDM on an antelope and deer hunt this fall. Savage Arms is putting out so many different variants of rifles on their 110 bolt driven action that it’s difficult to keep track. 00 more per 100-count box. This passion led Hornady ammo to grow rapidly, with sales increasing 300% by its second year. 5 Creedmoor is a handloader’s dream cartridge. Has anyone tried the new ELD-Match on animals? Cheers F. I'd also proved that myself way out to 1200m so I call that I shoot a . and 140 gr. For 2017, the company announced a rather large expansion of the line to include loads that use the company’s own ELD Match bullets that were introduced last year. Don’t handload and want more ammo options for your 26 Nosler? Hendershot’s “Extreme” Custom Ammo offers you a multitude of choices loaded with today’s high performance bullets. . Story is Hornady worked with the guys at Gunwerks to develop a long range high bc match grade hunting bullet. If you are in the market for some grade A ammunition for target practice, self defense, or hunting we have what you need! Not only do we carry the major manufacturers including CCI Blazer Brass , Hornady, Federal, Tula, Wolf, Winchester, Remington, Estate, and Sellier & Bellot, but we also have some of the best prices around. Alberta Outdoorsmen Forum > Main Category > Guns & Ammo Discussion: Wanting new 6. Match grade accuracy in an all range hunting bullet that delivers controlled expansion, deep penetration, and a large wound cavity while still retaining an impressive 85-90% of its original weight. $379. Description. What’s the experiences so far with the 162 ELD-M vs X in performance on animals? Also 2217 and 2225 seem to be the go to powder. e. He said of the second piglet, "there was a head, front legs, back legs, a tail, and not much Hornady eld-x field reviews. 56mm ammo, visit our website to see what's currently in-stock at several online retailers. I'll stick my neck out and say it: I think the . 610. During the 2016 SHOT Show (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show) I took an informal poll on the 6. 2. Naturally, Barnes produces a couple different kinds of 6. BTHP bullets. 99. Buy bulk ammo for sale with free shipping at Target Sports USA. So now we can legally go out and shoot in the national forests and our clubs again and I'm taking advantage of it my friends!!!! The . See All ELD® MATCH & ELD-X® BC VALUES The main goal was to have a hunting bullet that worked well at all practical distances. 264's a long time. Board index » Information. At the same time, it was tough enough for the close work. While the High Country tops our list of favorite hunting rifles, the new Storm offers many of the same features and performance with a more affordable price tag. Hornady’s ELD-X™ Hunting Rifle Bullets boasts highest-in-class ballistic coefficients and provides consistent controlled expansion from all practical hunting distances. That's a tall . I just ordered my Hornady custom die set and eldx seater stem. By Gary Zinn. - 12" for bullets up to 39 gr. The Hornady 143-grain ELD-X is a hunting bullet that will work across a broad range of situations. 5CM or 6. I also use these same bullets for black tail deer hunting here. You will be suprised at the increase in range and stopping power advantage over round head 30-30 bullistic. snipershide. Examples include the . 30 TC cartridge in 2007, it was then necked down to create the 6. In addition to brass from afore-mentioned sources, Norma also makes wonderful 6. The bullet performance was on par with what hornady advertises. Similar to the Nosler Accubond Long Rang. 7 2916 Long-range hunting is a different game than 100-yard range practice or even traditional rifle hunting. I have no need for the 225's, but I've been experimenting with the ELDX bullets some. 5 Grendel using either a 90gr HPBT or 123gr SST depending on what I am hunting. Hornady's Latest ELDM Bullets Discussion in ' And I'm using 200 eldx for mine and a buddy's 300WM. 2 grn. I plan on going with the 88gr ELDM just because I know they'll expand on yotes and maybe someday an antelope. I have only shot deer with them and they are great. I settled on 130gn eldm in front of 67gns H4831sc. This is a discussion on Top 5 fav load data for 308. l. 5mm 264 Diameter. Suggest give H4831 @ 74. And well it should be as its performance puts it between the . The row heading in the tables was not updated when the new data was updated. 0 with the 200 ELDX in the 300 Win Mag WW Brass Fed 215 primers there are better choices if hunting The 143 grain ELDX is a marauder. I have double lunged elk, deer, and coyotes with Barnes bullets they ain't that good! They were put in the boiler room. Warning. Our Systems Design and Sales team can build a new system from scratch or work with existing systems, and also offers rental solutions and trade-in or consignment sales for old equipment. 284 Win case was created, as a 7mm hunting round, to deliver 30-06 performance in a shorter case, but it never caught on as a competition cartridge. 5 creedmoor rifle reloading data 5 indicates maximum load - use caution loads less than minimum charges shown are not recommended. Interesting I have seen no terminal ballistic testing of 140 ELDM. 5R 308win. According to every single one of the dozen or so custom and semi-custom riflemakers I interviewed, they are building and shipping as many 6. Ballistic Tip @ slow power did give SAME results as ELD-X. 178 ELD-m in a 300 mag, 140 ELDm in a 26 Nosler, etc. Welcome to Field and Streams's Answers section. 5 CM for my dad (2925 chrono from a 26" barrel), who then got 3 pigs with 2 bullets. Your trophy has never been closer– even if it’s far away! 6. 5-284, and 7mm bullets cost about $6. Click here for more info. 0 with the 200 ELDX in the 300 Win Mag WW Brass Fed 215 primers there are better choices if hunting Hornady ELD-x; Take your moose hunt to the next level! The Alaska Moose Hunting Guidebook is now available. The Best Hunting Bullets for the 338 Lapua Mag. 5″ barrel. target bullets as well as a wide range of hunting bullets are offered by just about every bullet maker. Ideally, the 147 ELD-M with its higher G1 BC of . Nosler released the new AccuBond LR bullets in 2013. If you want a bullet for hunting or long range tactical use, try the Barnes 280-grain LRX. Read Comments. This was a 125 yard shot off my deck. 308 is a mid-range rifle powder, which gives the reloader a large selection of appropriate choices. Attention California Ammunition Customers. com Always comply with all local, state, federal, and international laws. C. I wouldn't expect a big drop off in performance at sane velocities from the 147, but that is not speaking from experience. 5MM 143-grain ELD-X, and focuses on how it Hornady set out to create an all range hunting bullet with the ELD-X. I shot a few loads with RL17 on old shot too many times Norma brass. Have you ever tried the eldm bullets vs the eldx. By producing its own rifle and hunt-ing ammunition, Nosler was posi-tioned to develop new cartridges. 270 Winchester and topped with a @leupoldoptics VX3 4. They shot very well in my 300 WSM. Trajectory. I used the 6. These bullets have been used for varmint hunting, but they are best suited for competition matches. A bullet designed for the most demanding hunting situation. I most shot many thousands of 175 smks for years also but just working up a hunting load with the eldx's out this factory I won a gun last week off of a local raffle ticket, a Mossberg Patriot in 6. 338 Win Mag and 300 Weatherby caliber. 1st shot got sow, 2nd bullet hit one piglet, passed through (presumably already expanded) and hit 2nd piglet behind first. 5CM, I doubt I'll use those again. The big plus is you can get a I am looking to get together some bits and pieces to try develop a load for my new 24” Tikka Rem Mag. First wildcatted in the 1930s off the Savage 25-3000 parent case, the . I have bigger guns for elk. 178 gr eldx in 308 keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website sjohnson1776 I have just about the same set up, cept hst sfp and zero moa nightforce rail. Page 4- Wanting new 6. Despite Hornady stating that the A-Max projectile is not suited for hunting, I know that a lot of forum members used to run them in 6. 5mm ELD. See what the newer bullet can do with an older machinical hunting standard. 5 Creedmoor Kool-Aide. ive given up the wait on varget. 5 and 7mm for use on game. 5 Creedmoor rifles as all other cartridges The 162 grain Hornady A-Max is an excellent long range hunting bullet - although Hornady never designed the A-Max for hunting. Joyce Hornady was a dedicated shooter, and created his company in 1949 out of his desire to create high-quality ammunition that he could use himself. What you get in those sharp-looking matte black boxes are match-accurate hunting loads that Hornady I've always wanted a 7mm-08 but have/had various other 7's in the gun safe. This trim, lightweight sporter made a good Cabela's had their Savage 10 T on sale for under 550 dollars and one of their Vortex scopes 4-16 Viper LR for 350 dollars. com Rifle is a @weatherbyinc Back Country chambered in . A selection of Precision Hunter ammo and ELDx bullets, with a factory 6. Guys have been using AMAX successfully on game for years. IMO (I have both on my bench) The 3gr make a almost visible to the naked eye difference in bearing surface and the base of the bullet to ogive is slightly longer on some of the ELD-X's. 5 Creedmoor for hunting big game at longer ranges like mule deer, pronghorn, Himalayan Tahr, sheep, mountain goat, and chamois. Mine won't shoot 143 eldx's worth a d@mn. 5″, 22″ and 24″ barrels. The core . This bullet is fussy about seating depth so if the accuracy is not all you expect, play with it a bit. The bullets impacted and expanded throughout the vital area. At HLR we specialize in making your rifle or project work the first time! Our customers can get a general idea of pricing and services using the services menu option above, but we would love to visit with you about your project! Now Speer ® offers consumers the same performance in a line of personal protection rifle bullets. The bear was getting a drink in my pond and never moved after he was hit. 308 178gr ELDX is my personal choice. Sportsman's Guide has your Hornady Precision Hunter, 6. Hunting Bullets. Hunting deer in North West Texas. 5 Grendel projectile was originally calculated for a 18″ barrel. 5 Creedmoor round. No reason at all. 280 Ackley Improved has been basking in the limelight since Nosler started chambering its Model 48 rifle for it and offering loaded ammo and unprimed cases. They might be good to try in my 264 Win Mag, too. 5 Creed 140 gr AMAX, including wind holds? Hunting Bullets The major bullet manufacturers, Barnes, Hornady, Nosler, Sierra, Speer, and Swift provide a wide variety of hunting bullets in . I have three Weatherby rifles, one an Accumark in . But so far it’s been the best shooting factory ammo I’ve used for a hunting round. So I have a question for long range shooters, I'm wanting to get in F-class comps, and I'm doing some load data now. Most of the bullets in . If I go after anything larger then deer, the venerable . 00 a box with eld x bullets so I would just buy a box and see how they shoot,then you have some brass also. Loaded with the most advanced all-range hunting bullet available, Precision Hunter Ammuntion sets a new standard of accurate, deadly and dependable hunting performance. Discount . 5mm Creedmoor (Using 140 GR Hornady Bullets) reloading data with 60 loads. We currently offer every brand of powder and primer offered in the United States along with an ever-expanding offering of bullets, brass, wads, shot, gun care items and ammunition. I have used the 178 gn hornady eldx out of a 300 wsm on deer and elk. 280 Ackley The Reloder 16 burn rate is slightly faster than that of Reloder 17, well within the 4350 burn speed band. The . Whether you need to reload your hunting, target-shooting, varmint, or tactical cartridges, Berger has the bullets you need. This 22-page booklet is a great resource of Alaska moose SST’s are one of the worst hunting bullets IMO. Like Chuck Hawks, I have never understood why so many in the American media (as well as hunters) have virtually ignored the virtues of the 6. 264 Caliber / 6. Shop for reloading supplies and equipment at Hinterland Outfitters. 5mm. 284 Winchester, is now more popular than its parent. www. I'm pretty sure ELDM will behave like AMAX and fragment on the front half and leave a base to penetrate 12+ inches. 22-250 is widely used throughout the world, and all the major rifle-makers chamber for this fast, versatile The 6. Like I posted earlier, a 7mm 175gr ELDX has a BC of . 5 Creedmoor and 308 in a Gel Roll used as Ballistic Gel Specifically meant to compare these 2 specific bullets for those who have the option Re: Eldx vs peregrine. You are not authorised to read this forum. I’m leaning towards starting with 2217 first based on a bit of reading over old posts. Hornady’s Match line of ammunition is well respected for its consistent accuracy. 5mm Creedmoor is a centerfire rifle cartridge introduced by Hornady in 2007. 5×47. , as well as 6. The biggest one seems to be that the Creedmoor will match the . The company was founded to create superior hunting and target-shooting bullets and maintains a tradition of excellence to this day. Cost Comparison: . The Hornady ELD® Match™ BLACK™ 6. 5 Creedmoor announced in 2008. power switch r16 120k r17 91k c9 102pf vs ct10 10uf vs b ct11 10uf vs vs vs zt7103t tsot-25 ct12 10uf vs ct13 10uf rtcvd c10 103p ct14 10uf vs r18 100k b system wake-up rtcwkup r19 1k vd33 vin 1. Stock up and save with Arm or Ally, your trusted source for brass and bullets. IF I get them first, I'll let you know how they work out. 338 are better suited for the speeds of the 338 Winchester Magnum, 338-06, or 338 Federal and may fragment if pushed by the 338 Lapua Magnum and impact game at close range. The new Extremely Low Drag – eXpanding (ELD-X) bullets feature highest-in-class ballistic coefficients and the company claims consistent, controlled expansion at ALL practical hunting Hornady changing all its bc data on 6. Right click on the image of the load data and use save as. 5-14 CDS. I've loaded gobs of poly tipped bullets over the years, mostly the Nosler ballistic tips and found that they didn't perform well on big game animals for me, and they also didn't appear to shoot as accurately as a standard PSP lead tipped bullet. Sent from my hiding place nonnieselman, Nov 18, 2016. 663 Living in the Intermountain West, the vast majority of my hunting is in areas that could be considered either ‘mountain hunting’ or ‘long range hunting’ country. I hate to say it, but I guess I drank the 6. I'd load the bullets in both my 7 Rem Mag and 7mm Weatherby to start. [cheaper than buy all the pieces you need to load. 5mm target loads and tactical applications where temperature stability is required. Its only limitation is at close ranges where early bullet blow up can limit penetration on stout bodied medium game. With most other bullets he'd have run off and died. Sportsman's Guide has your Hornady Black, 6. Sierra has a wide selection of outstanding bullets for your cases. 284 Win is roughly $. The cost of a new barrel is probably rather less than the 1,000 rounds of match ammo, or whatever it takes to burn it out, if we want to look at it in economic terms. Arnold ek beoog om die eldm teen so 2750fps op n node te skiet so dan behoort hulle te hou en volgens hornady is hulle bc hoer in 7. )Reloader 15 / Win. 5 Creedmoor brass. Not only do we carry the major manufacturers including CCI Blazer Brass , Hornady, Federal, Tula, Wolf, Winchester, Remington, Estate, and Sellier & Bellot, but we also have some of the best prices around. G1 BC G7BC G7 Form factor Optimal Twist rate Part number … Don't a lot of our coyotes have red wolf genes in them? I think the red wolf is too far gone to bring back, and even if they did I'm sure they would just breed with coyotes. we shot them out to 1736 yds and in that gun the factory ammo shot just like the hand loads,he then shot antelope out to 860yds and dropped them with one shot. ELD ® Match (Extremely Low Drag Match) bullets are technologically advanced, enhanced accuracy target bullets featuring Heat Shield ® tips with the PERFECT MEPLAT (tip point) combined with numerous design features that deliver the highest-in-class ballistic coefficients, superior accuracy and extreme consistency from bullet to bullet, lot to lot. 5 Creedmoor ammo featuring their legendary copper X-Bullet. 5 CREEDMOOR in weatherby vanguard toped with vortex viper using the new Hornady ELDX 143 grain shot in WYOMING 6. In particular, the 127gr VOR-TX LR load is a really good choice for a person who wants to use the 6. Aerodynamic heating on shots beyond about 400 yds. 172 - 9" for bullets heavier than 30 gr. Pm me if you want. Guns. Hodgdon Announces New Upgraded Hodgdon Load Data Center. 280 Remington on the slower side and the faster 7mm Remington Magnum. Calculate a trajectory from bullet, velocity, firearm and atmospheric parameters. 243 Diameter I bought a pound of the new 8208-XBR powder the other day and now I have to tinker a bit here and there. It has the legendary Barnes terminal performance in a high ballistic coefficient bullet. (Some may argue that it's no longer a wildcat, what with Nosler currently providing its custom ammo. So far just about everyone I have seen shoot the ELD-X's in a few different calibers have struggled to get them to shoot well as far as tight grouping at 200 yards me included. Well, maybe not so much a battle, but that I just went out and shot my 6. 5 Creedmoor. This morning I loaded three different 6. I would be very interested in opinions on whether the Manners is worth 2X the money (this would be for shooting 600 - 1000 yards) and also opinions on the T2 (with slanted buttstock) vs. 5 Creedmoor / 6. interested on the -M vs -X findings. By Dr. The muzzle velocity for the 123 gr SST 6. savageshooters. Hornady eld-x field reviews. Hornady has introduced a new Short Magnum cartridge, the 6. causes conventional-tip materials to melt and deform. Hornady SST or Amax vs the new ELD-X and ELD-X bullets As many know that match grade bullets command a higher price tag compared to hunting bullets even the The 12 Best Cartridges for Elk Hunting. For hunting, there’s no reason to rush out and get a 6. 5mm Grendel ammo rifle Hornady AmmoSeek. The 178's however are shooting great for me in the 2 smaller rifles. 5 twist. 257 Weatherby and the other two are Vanguards ( . If you own a lever action rifle you owe yourself box of this ammo. " Open up the load data page you wish to download. I pulled the trigger on a new savage 6. 280 Ackley Improved cartridge is the finest of the flock and gives shooters more for their effort than any other wildcat. I've owned most of the commercial 7's except the Wea and RUM - and the 7mm-08. 5gr Fullbore Target. 5 creedmoor is my long range steel hitting rifle. There have been numerous details to work out, lots of research and time on the phone with various companies- and now it has all come together as a complete rifle. even better, a batch of 4064 showed up locally as well as 3 boxes of the 178 eld's backordered from midway. There was a post on Facebook yesterday where the guy claimed Hornady ELD-X bullets were unpredictable. Initially the only 30 caliber versions I could find were 200's. 5 Creedmoor Ammo collection Hunting Bullets. Swipe to see target which is 1 fouling shot and 3 for group at 100 yards. Esp. 5 Creedmoor rifles made by Surgeon Rifles that he has tried a couple different barrel sizes on. The 12 Best Cartridges for Elk Hunting. This will be offered as factory ammo in both a Match version (with 147gr ELD) and a Precision Hunter version (with 143gr ELD-X bullet). its nice enough outside to where i might actually be able to use chronograph and a camera! Product Restrictions This item has restrictions. Forum. Today, the 6. Lots are saying that they like the 147 ELDM on game from large to small. 204/20 - 9" for VLD bullets - 10" for bullets up to 45 gr. Using bullets from Hornady BTHP Match, A-MAX, SST or InterLock SP. The Eldx is slower and slows down faster than the eldm. You Need to Read the Latest Gun Digest. 5x284?? We search for the best ammo prices so you don't have to. your drops using a BC vs the hornady custom curve on their app? ELD-X Bullet Jacket/Core Separation High-velocity impacts may Coupled with high ballistic coefficients (BC) and match-grade accuracy, these hunting bullets . I%u2019ve heard this before from others and since I can%u2019t get better than 3/4%u2019s at 100 I believe it. High B. World-class stability across temperature extremes To mate with the new SST hunting ammo, last year Ruger introduced the 6. "By now, many However, after my daughter shot that small doe with the 143gr ELD-X 6. Hornady SST vs ELD- X [Re This year I ordered a couple of boxes of the eldx's for my 300 win mag in 200 Supacow, die Tikka T3 is almal lang aksies. Built a 6. The proper burn rate powder for the . Also, last year on a deer, it knocks them down hard. 200 1x fired Hornady brass now I need the best powder and load data for a 22 barrel. For smaller game and varmints, the Sierra 110gr Varminter bullet has proven very accurate. I tried the 147 gr eldm on a whitetail doe last fall from 818 and was very impressed with both penetration and a consistent wound channel. Top 5 fav load data for 308. This rifle loves @bergerbullets 130 VLD Hunting. Ek het net my 260 se magesyn verander na die 3006 sin en kan nou lang patrone in die magesyn pas. Step 2. Advertise on GunHive. I have an elk hunt in November and will be starting to work up loads. com I have varget but Not shooting varget with the ELDX 178's . The Diamond features a pull weight range of less than 4 oz to 32 oz, our new Variable Rate Adjustmen Brownells is your source for Rifle Bullets,Bullets at Brownells parts and accessories. I've been reloading for . 56mm ammo. Whether you need a long-distance hunting rifle bullet or a projectile for personal defense handguns, Sierra has the products and accessories you need. 5mm projectiles from industry-leading brands like Hornady, Nosler and more. 308 on an antelope first, it was too much bullet but I was waiting to try them. Latest. 5creedmoor within the Cartridges & Calibers forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Originally Posted by Lman Does anyone know where to get good ballistics data tables for Hornady 6. back and see if I can get the 140 gr VLD or the 143 gr ELDX shooting out of my PRC. I used them in . 5 Creedmoor with 16. That said, i would think twice about ELD-m with really high impact velocities i. Hopefully I’ll be loading soon as the cost of Hornady precision 143 eldx is getting expensive. 5mm version is one of the most successful long-range match rounds ever invented. 5 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge). 264 wm. 5 Creedmoor loads: 142 gr. 300 Weatherby would be next. However not being a bonded bullet should make it easier to produce and cheaper. 280 AI's I'll stick my neck out and say it: I think the . You can also click on the image and a pdf version will it FINALLY stopped raining here in the pac NW. I've played with them a bit in my 30-06 and 308 and just haven't found the right combo yet. Shooting One of my closest friends has two 6. 5 Grendel charges (3-each) pushing a 120-grain Nosler BT. No, I haven't tried them yet, but I rather like the concept. I have loaded the eldx and eldm, and the 143 and 147 both liked . - 10" for bullets up to 30 gr. Hornady ELD Match 147 grain 6. By clicking the 'I Agree' button, I understand/accept and will agree to abide by the precautions and warnings outlined below. 6 2881 A-2700 39. Jim Clary. Hunting. The gun store owner called be yesterday asking me if I wanted a different caliber, since he was ordering the gun he said I could get it in any caliber I wanted. Which bullet is best for 308 hunting Having used both for hunting, in the . My main predator hunting rifle is a 18in 6. Their exclusive manufacturing process bonds the uniform jacket to the core one atom at a time, ensuring proper expansion and nearly 100 percent weight retention. 5creedmoor. 28 Nosler Load Data is now available: 28 Nosler 150 Grain 28 Nosler 160 Grain 28 Nosler 168 Grain 28 Nosler 175 Grain We manufacture hunting, competition, defense Match accurate hunting bullet; Devastating terminal performance at all ranges . A bona fide 4000+ fps varmint-slayer, the . 308 loads however it still isn’t close to my modern 300 WM handload of a 225gr ELDM at 2910 fps. We can do everything needed to get your pump or compressed air system up and running, and (just as importantly) keep it running. 5CM if you have a . 4 2645 43. hpbt c. 2805 6. Putting together this 300 PRC custom rifle has been a slow and meticulous process, and I’ve enjoyed each moment. anyone post anything yet about Hornady's new cartridge??? supposedly a "precision rifle cartridge" that one up's the 6. I know, from perusing load data tables and personal experience, that Hodgdon Varget is a very versatile rifle powder. It delivered the precision, consistency, and lethality we need for long-range hunting. Buyer must be 18 for rifles and 21 for pistols, have a NC Concealed Carry Handgun Permit, NC Pistol Pu Hey, I'll try to post some pics of my results with the eld-m vs the eld-x. Arm or Ally offers great pricing, fast shipping, and excellent customer service. It’s a target bullet, so I would not choose it for hunting. menting with premium hunting bul-lets, which ultimately led to the development and production of the Nosler Partition bullet in 1948 and explains why this rifle is appro-priately known as the Model 48. im sure its great, but no help if unavailable to me. 9 MOA. ) The Vanguard product is an unbelievable value for the price and a fantastic hunting tool. 5-284, originally a wildcat version of the . Home / Products / Hunting Bullets. 5mm Grendel, ELD Match, 123 Grain, 20 Rounds available at a great price in our 6. Hornady ELD-X, Accubond LR or Barnes LRX? So I just got a 300 Ultra in Remington 700 SPS 26" barrel (stock has been replaced to Bell and Carlson) and is top with a Vortex PST 4-16X50 MRAD. This was the biggest surprise. the 143 ELDX is a grenade sometimes, I only know of one guy who shot the 140 ELDM and two shots penciled unlike what we've seen First Look at Hornady’s 6. Understanding the differences will help you recognize how Nosler’s new AccuBond Long-Range (LR) bullet has set a new standard in long-range hunting bullets. My brother uses the 7828 sc powder with the 162 eldm. We Will Have Specials Each Week Now Trough Christmas That"s Even Better Than Our Every Day Low Prices . Australia's leading supplier of guns, ammunition, clothing and accessories for hunting and sporting shooters. 308, etc that you like and works. Extend your range and never compromise at any distance!. The ELDX is a completely new design, I guess, the ELDM are similar to the old AMAXS. 300 Win Mag out to 1000 yards. 5's today . for F-Class Shooting. Thoughts between these Hornady has just announced a new “all-range” hunting bullet designed for optimum performance regardless of whether the shot is very close or very far. 5 creedmoor picked up Hornadys 140 eld match bullets with a BC of . Free delivery on orders over £100 and no-hassle returns on Bullets & Cartridge Cases at Europe's biggest and best gun retailer. That being said, those different Hornady loads offer excellent performance for a variety of applications ranging from plinking and competition shooting (A-Max, BTHP match, ELD Match, and FMJ), to predator and varmint hunting (V-Max), to self-defense and big game hunting (FTX, Interlock, and SST) with America's favorite guns. When I read the announcement that Hornady had introduced commercial match grade loads for the 6. This Weeks Special Is a Remington 30-06 Blue Steel For Only $199. 243, 7-08, . win within the Handloading Techniques forums, part of the Technical category; what are you top 5 fav loads for 308 Frontier Range Master RSBT 223 52gr (100) Frontier Range Master RSBT 223 52gr (100) Range Master Bullets The newest addition to the Frontier Bullets line, Frontier Range Master Bullets are specifically aimed at the frequent shooter. Remove the bullet from the fired case and press the case neck lightly on a flat surface to create a small indentation or flat surface in the case neck so that it will grip the bullet. To counter this effect, Hornady® identified a heat resistant polymer and developed the patent pending Heat Shield tip. 284 Win vs. Shop our vast selection and save! This thread is getting my blood pumping. This makes it ideal for traditional hunting cartridges such as 30-06 Spring. Some powders are less prone than others to errode barrel throats too, all else being equal, and so I have yet to learn exactly how the 28 Nosler will do in that regard. With 143's my failed test loads were about 60gns H4831sc with no signs of pressure. In an effort to showcase the advantages of the AR-15 platform for hunting, we changed this analysis to a 14. He started with a 26″ barrel, because that is what Surgeon typically used but lately we’ve been shooting in more practical/tactical long-range competitions where you have to carry the rifle for Hornady engineers discovered that commonly used bullet tip materials in streamlined, high BC bullets melt and deform. I purchased Hornady brass, and several weights of their ElDM's and ELDX's along with 4 different powders and started experimenting. 689 compared to the 30 cal 220gr bullet which has . You must agree to the terms below before continuing. Looking for load data for Hornady 178 gr ELDX, to match Hornady Super Performace Ammo. He said of the second piglet, "there was a head, front legs, back legs, a tail, and not much Hornady's Latest ELDM Bullets Discussion in ' And I'm using 200 eldx for mine and a buddy's 300WM. Ballistics calculations and formulas for small arms. Please give one of our Sales Associates a call at 1-800-251-7839 to find out more about ordering ammo from us. It is a truly outstanding target cartridge designed for NRA Highpower and long-range competition, where it quickly earned an outstanding reputation. If you are in the market for some grade A ammunition for target practice, self defense, or hunting we have what you need! Cleaver Firearms. 5 CREEDMOOR 143 ELD-X vs antelope 400 yds 6. Whether you want to buy a box of cheap . 07 more per round than that of the 6. Step 1. SST’s are one of the worst hunting bullets IMO. The Deer Hunter’s Guide to The perfect tip!. With Reloder 17 reloaders have a powder that meters easy and consistently while providing maximum velocity even in extreme weather. Insert the bullet into the neck of the fired case. 5 Grendel Ammo collection While velocity by itself is not that impressive (2838 fps with the 225 ELDM), the extremely small velocity spread (7 fps extreme spread in our rifle) results in outstanding long range performance with considerably less powder and less recoil than the 300 Norma or 338 Lapua. win. The TriggerTech Diamond Rem 700 Trigger was designed to meet the requirements of leading competitive shooters with the help of the K&M Shooting Team and several leading R700 Clone Action Manufacturers. 5CM right now, only info I can see is they already have brass, and loaded ammo (143 eldm and eldx) --- their loaded ammo shows the 143grain bullet going 2960 from a 24" barrel -- could be better than 6. Hornady SST vs ELD- X [Re This year I ordered a couple of boxes of the eldx's for my 300 win mag in 200 Hornady changing all its bc data on 6. Plenty of  Jan 6, 2018 This review covers the 6. It should fall freely into the case, with no resistance. o. Enjoy great deals on cheap ammunition including 22lR ammo, 9mm & 5. This consistent performance is what reloaders have come to expect from Alliant Powder - and Reloder 17 proves worthy. 22-250 is probably the most popular mid-sized cartridge in existence. 670” 6. Hornady 140gr ELD-M vs 143gr ELX-X in 6. What intrigues me about the 7mm-08 with a high BC bullet, it will catch and pass a 'normal' hunting bullet at ~ 500-550 yards flung from a bigger powder chamber. And although my mountain goat experience is very limited, my one goat tag was successfully and recently filled this year. 4 2659 42. 5 Creedmoor, ELD-X, 143 Grain, 20 Rounds available at a great price in our 6. ive got the IMR 4064 OCW test charged up and ready to go. 5mm 147 Grain ELD Match Bullet Justin Hyer Introduction Every year I look forward to all the new product announcements that come out in the shooting industry in December and January. I settled on an accurate load out to 1000 yds using 140 ELDM's and IMR 4451. Have a bunch of Alpha brass, 200 88gr. The factory ammo looks to be loaded in non Weatherby calibers. #weatherby #bergerbullets #hunting #longrange #leupoldoptics #wyoming #timneytriggers #submoa #dirtnap Canik TP9 EliteSC. First I’ll address goat vs. com Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place: AmmoSeek. BRAND NEW IN THE BOX This is a FFL transaction by a licensed dealer, and all ATF rules apply. #1728 . This is a discussion on Hornady 140gr ELD-M vs 143gr ELX-X in 6. I’ve posted quite a bit of load development for the 6. 5 mm (. 5 creedmoor User Name I have double lunged elk, deer, and coyotes with Barnes bullets they ain't that good! They were put in the boiler room. We can now ship ammo to your Dealer for you. I have no idea what a “143 ELD” is but I wouldn’t use it on game in a 26 Nosler. Welcome to Hunt’s Long Range. 5 Creedmoor and 7mm-08 For Match is 140gr. 280 AI's . 5mm Creedmoor, I became very interested. The 143 grain ELDX is a marauder. 308 caliber with weights ranging from 100 grains or so to 240 grains. 22 Caliber 80. I can’t say whether or not the heat shield tip is a legit thing or not. MOST won't shoot a 140+ grain LR bullet with any accuracy, due to 1 in 9 twist. caliber/bullet. Hodgdon Varget and H4895: Versatile Rifle Powders. 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